About my past life?

i wanna know what and who i was on my past life. can anybody out here in answers help me?

it doesn't really matter what we did in a past life or what we will do in a future life...the only one you should be concerned with is the one you are living now...

to be honest i believe we come into different lives because we didn't fully learn our lessons in our past lives and you may be very disappointed if you realize what and who you were previously...just go forward and try to make it better for yourself and others...and be happy
This believe is contradictory to what the Bible says, and that's what I believe.
Yeah, its called you and your brain dead religion are examples of how truely smart we are as humans.

Grow up, quit believing in fairy tales. You're going to die, and that's final--deny it, believe in "magic after death" or whaddeverya want, but you'll die, and cease to exist.
Forget the past.

Focus on this PRESENT MOMENT.

And prepare for the future.

The fact is, we only have one chance to live as the person we are today - so make the most of it.
For a fun look at who you were in your past life try:
There are a number of books on the market that might help. Currently I am reading a one on 'getting in touch with your guardian angel' and the philosophy is our guardian angels are with us through all our incarnations and know 'everything' whereas all our memories are deleted when we are born and one of our purposes in life is to try to get in touch with these again. Since I started reading this book I am having regular similar dreams of someone who is not me and I keep thinking 'is this a past life?' probably not and eventually I will analyse further but it's a fascinating subject and I think once you start researching into it, you might get a feeling or impression of something from the past.
Good luck,
I don't think theres a past life, but if you do really want to believe it then you can go to a hypnotist who will hypnotize you so that you remember.
go see a psychic they could tell ya, sylvia browne has books on the subjust you should check out, what are you like what are you scared of what do you llike to do, think about it these could be hints on what you did in your past lives,

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