How to be an excellent leader with good leadership?

if i am to tell you how to be a good leader. i would consume thousands of words. leadership is a skill that can be acquired and developed in a very long time. but then, let me give you the first thing that a leader must possess and everything else follows.
a leader must have a VISION.
always start small, think Big, and scale up. ^_^
to help here I need a bit more detail? what exactly are you looking for?
The secret to being a good Leader is to be able to talk with a smile, whether it be praise or the opposite. A smile eases tension especialy in times of conflict. Nothing is that serious.
Earn respect, learn to respect,
Show discretion. Don't get personal about yourself. Show compassion, don't patronize. Manners, value, morals--all good. Give credit where is due.
Teach by example, be consistent. There's lots more I'll let some others try.
You need to attend some program where leadership is build like mandatory army training (say south Korea) or similar training that would help you to learn about leadership.
good luck

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