Whats worse... Being very sleepy or being intoxicated while driving?

Both of these would be hard to do but if you had a choice ,which one do you think could be harder for you to do if you were in the sitution? (Just remember, this has nothing to do with the solution to this problem, everyone knows what to do in solving this problem, i just want to know what would be the hardest to do if it was you behind the wheel.)

I don't drink...or very little, but I often drive while sleepy. My eyes have closed while on the road many times. No matter how hard I try to stay awake...my lids are determined to fulfill their agenda. Sometimes I feel as if they were closed for miles.

I suppose the best answer to your question would depend on how intoxicated or fatigued the driver was. If full-fledged inebriated...unable to walk--the sleepy driver may have a better chance of getting home safely. However, if dosing off every few minutes on a crowded highway, than perhaps drunk driving would be the least of two evils.

Why do you ask? --Thanks!
Intoxicated. You can be scared awake. But you can't be scared sober.
I have never had a drink and then drove but i have driven very sleepy several times and I think it would be the same.
My reflexes were poor,my decision making was impaired and I was ready within seconds of falling asleep(the situation surrounding why I had to drive was beyond my control ie work hours)
For me, I would imagine driving while intoxicated would be the worse option. I have driven while very sleepy before, and had a scary split second when I wasn't really aware. Nothing happened, but I make sure I'm fully awake now before taking any drives, long or short. And since drinking alcohol really impairs my awareness, and it's against the law to drive while intoxicated, I can't see myself ever choosing this option.
It is a moot point. It is no wonder you argued.
Either way you end up in an accident or dead.
Judgement is impaired in either case.
And in both cases they feel their judgement in not impaired.
I believe being intoxicated is worse!Just imagine yourself driving if you're sleepy at least you could excuse yourself and sleep while the car is packed.Case two scenario,intoxicated?This will only lead to you getting the psyche to commit the traffic offence!
While you were driving, I'm sure it would feel much better to be intoxicated. Because you'd be intoxicated, so you wouldn't likely be thinking about the danger you were putting yourself and others in, and you wouldn't be aware of how impaired your driving skills were. You would just roll, and if you make it, you make it. there have actually been people who drove home and thought "whew, I made it" only to find out later that they killed someone along the way. But no stress while they were doing it.

However, what's better that next day is clear: driving while sleepy. Because no matter what happens, you're more likely to be aware of what's going on and/or care about it. You'll understand you need to be extremely cautious.Your mind will process sounds, what's around you, and all the things you do in the car. And with any luck you'd even have the presence of mind to pull of the road and rest if you're actually so sleepy you can't keep your eyes open. Best yet: if you hit someone, you're likely to notice, and not let them die there in the street as you drunkenly drive away or speed off out of fear. You might even be able to react to some honking or noise and avoid them before you actually do hit them. At the very least, if you do happen to get into an accident, driving sleepy would probably feel better for the next 10 or 20 years, because if you drive while sleepy, you aren't likely to be charged with vehicular manslaughter like you would if you drove drunk.

sleepiness: probably some more sense, possibly smaller chance of killing someone, definitely less chance of spending time in prison if you did kill someone.

drunkeness: feels fine while you're driving (it also feels all right when you fall down stairs a few times, hey!), waking to a gory murder scene, 20 years of close contact with happy murderers in prison.

I'll take option 1 as what feels best to me.
I saw some night news show a while ago that tested this and it turns out they're about the same. I'd rather be sleepy though. At least then I'm fully coherent, even if I can't keep my eyes open.

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