She is going to the beach on holiday with her best friend and meeting up with an old guy friend... worried??

I am not sure if I should be worried or not - both of them (her and her best friend) when together are totally crazy... they have fun and do the craziest of things. and now - they are going on holiday... Her best fried, Alice was out of town - so she called her and asked Alice to meet her in another city for a week - I overheard her sayin 'its gonna be crazy fun, Come on, you know it' and alice said 'okay, I am in'

Now, Sophia Is here for till friday night - then she is flyin to the beach, and alice has just taken the first flight out...

I am a lil worried - cause yest Sophia and I got into a fight cause my ex kissed me and help my hand and all - sophia was not there - and so she is annoyed - tough the plan got made way before this thing with my ex.. Last night Sophia broke up with me and now this trip. HELP

She might be planning to get revenge on you by hooking up with an ex, since you behaved inappropriately with your ex. It's hard to tell. Regardless of this specific situation, it sounds like you have some major issues to work out in this relationship-- if you still have a relationship. When she comes back, you might try to talk to her, but don't accuse her of anything or even come right out and ask her if she hooked up with anyone else. Instead, try to confront the bigger issues. Ask her how she felt about what happened with your ex, and tell her you understand if she's hurt and angry. Use that talking point as a starting place.
Try not to let it get you down just forget about it and get on with things, time will tell.

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