Momentum/Science question, to prove friend wrong...?

Okay, so my friend and I were riding in the bed of my buddies truck, and my friend says to me that if you were to jump straight up out of the truck at say 30mph, you would land without falling.

My argument was that you would be also traveling at 30mph or something near there, so when you landed you would fall/roll/etc.

He got so defensive saying you could land and stay up because he says you aren't moving with the truck. So please someone give me the science behind this to either:

A.) admit defeat
B.) blow his mind with a detailed scientific explanation to why he is wrong

thank you

Newtons laws of physical movement. with every action there is an equal or greater reaction..

in this text, it means that the truck is moving forward at 30 mph.. this means that if you hit a rock you would have a reaction of around 30 mph... if you were to jump out of the car you would be falling at some sort of speed near 30 mph, and this means the ground and whatever has a reaction of close to the same force.

and by being a human and having bones. an impact of jumping out of a truck going 30 mph and trying to land on your feet would probably break your legs, it would be a necessity to roll if you wanted to be somewhat okay.

tell him to test the theory out lol..

let him think wrong and then get hurt.
Yes. you are also moving at 30 mph. Once you touch the ground (which isn't moving at all) you will have to decelerate from 30 mph to 0. I would say this would take a couple of forms...but rolling around and screaming ow ow ow ouch would be the preferred method.

To run an experiment. Throw anything straight up in the air (preferably something that won't blow around in the 30mph wind) and watch what happens when it touches the ground.

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