Cognitive therapy?

Has anyone here tried cognitive therapy? Does it work? Would it work in a language in which one's not really fluent (like German, in my case)?

I feeling overwhelmed by things around me and react with panick attacks, anxiety or anger and my partner's sister recommended this therapy...

Cognitive therapy is focused on learning how to change the way you think. Not, of course, in all ways, just about how you think about the things that cause your panic attacks, anxiety, and anger.

Like most modern therapies it can be extremely useful. When you have a PA (panic attack), for example, your mind is flooded with thoughts about your breathing, your heart-beat, the thing that triggered the attack, the possibility of dying, etc... Cognitive therapy will help you to focus your thoughts on the thing that triggered the PA in order to help you understand why that thing is so threatening to you. In simply understanding that it will become less threatening. Once you get past that you will be able to get to the thoughts that don't even reach your consciousness during a PA. Understanding those thoughts will actually enable you to not even have a PA.

Another similar but (IMHO) more effective approach is Cognitive-Behavioural therapy. This will focus as much on your thoughts but also on your actions. There will be focus on what you feel during a PA (or anger or anxiety) and how you can change the way you react to that as well as other actions you can take to minimize the effect it has.

Most therapists, today, do cognitive-behavioural, even if their main focus is the cognitive. It is recognized enough that the two go hand in hand.

You do want to find a theripist that, if they don't speak your native language, will work with you on helping you to understand what they are saying. If you don't speak the language of the nation you are in passably you still might be able to find a therapist who does speak your language.

Neither of you have to be perfectly fluent in the other language. It will take a little more work to communicate but, really, no more than you are used to if you are living in a country with a different native language than yours. It may even be easier than that. Just be willing to work on expressing yourself as well as helping your therapist to understand what you are saying. Any good therapist will work with you in trying to express him or herself.

The good news is that if you live in a major city there is a very good chance that there is a therapist near you that is, at least, familiar with German, if not fluent in it. It is a common enough language. Just call around to different places and ask if they have someone on staff who is familiar with German or if they can recommend another therapist (or facility) who is.

Best of luck.
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