A.)Do you avoid taking responsibility in your own life?

If so, than b.) in what ways? and, if you've tried to change this c.) in what way have you changed this in your life?

I am absolutely accountable for my actions and responsibilites in life as others count on me to do the right thing. Being a parent and an adult really has its little stresses but it is definetly worth it at the end of the day.
A. Yes
B. I have to decide on what major to choose to go back to school, haven't chosen yet! No i havent tried to change it.
Just too lazy! lol
I am totally responsible for my choices and actions. Sometimes I try to blame other people standing close by, but always break up laughing.
No. Responsibilities is what being an adult is all about.
i try not to since taking responsibility means being in control
i have always been a loser. i abandoned my wife and kids, i dropped out of college and finally made it through. i resigned from many jobs when the going got tough. i joined a club in dallas texas called the losers. we just made each other worse and finally one guy shot the founder and that was that. i cannot handle responsibility. you know, it is like that old song by roger miller, it rings in my head, dang me, dang me they oughta take a rope and hang me. just a piece of offal and always knew it. always made things worse when i sometimes thoght otherwise. cannot understand why i am still alive and not locked away somewhere. some people are not fit for anything. but they just don't die and they are too cowardly to put a stop to their miserable lives. i have met many. and i saw myself.
Taking responsibility is a sign of maturity. I am mature therefore I take responsibility for my actions and the consequences of my decisions.

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