[film] do you think juxtaposing realistic violence and comedy, is fine entertainment for moral degenerates?

and council estate meat-heads, who are going to do nothing better with their lives than spawn another generation of illiterate violence obsessed numpties?

Certainly. Their future is already grim, why not pull the rug out from under -any- chance they might have to grow up with half a whit of sense about them? I'm all for it. DOWN WITH THE PEOPLE, I say!


Seriously, of course it's fine entertainment for moral degenerates. What other than moral degeneracy should moral degenerates watch? Oprah? :-?
Of course, moral degenerates are the easiest group to entertain, so anything will do, It can be quite profitable. And this is the optimistic view.
Sorry no - because we are all human beings & this kind of behaviour can sink people down to a lower level & does not lift anyone up to be better people.

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