Do you talk to yourself?

If so, what makes you do so and when? Do you think it's natural, to have conversations with yourself?

All the time and for varied reasons.

1-When I am studying something new, I talk to myself as my own teacher, it helps me understand (not always lol)

2- When I am depressed, I talk to an invented character who gives me advice and makes me laugh

3- When number 2 doesn't work then I use a more direct method, like using Flyinghorse 1 and Flyinghorse 2, a conversation can go like this:

Flying 1: "Change focus!"
Flying 2: "I can't, I feel too weak and vulnerable"
Flying 1: "You can, but you have to MOVE!"
Flying 2: "I prefer to stare at the wall"
Flying 1: "Use this negative energy to do something positive"
Flying 2: "I am still staring at the wall"
Flying 1: "Why don't you bang your head against it, perhaps it will help (angry tone of voice)

4- When I feel lonely, I make a nice dinner with candles and wine and talk to other kind of character, imagining I am having a great conversation with this other person, generally I have a blast of a time lol

It is normal/natural to talk to ourselves, we are at the end the person that knows us the best. I have done it since I remember. I think since I learned to walk. It is a mechanism that help us to cope with difficulties of life or just to have fun. If you talk to yourself you will never be alone ;-)
Yea, sometimes.
hey why not speak to the person who knows you best?!
I mostly do it when im mad tough and its mostly muttering lol
alot of people do...
it's good as long as you don't answer yourself back.
most people do it when they're trying to concentrate on something or when they're feeling too scatter-brained....
All the time, it's the only intelligent conversation to be found.
yep! im pretty sure about litterely 30% of the things i say is to myself. i dont know why. i think its becaus im quite quiet. and i just have conversations kinda 'to other ppl'. its not that i halusinat. i just do it for some reason.
Yes, when I am in a difficult situation and there is nobody beside me to ask for advice...I suppose it is normal to talk to yourself sometimes, you know yourself best, so you can find the best solutions...
if i want an intelligent conversation. as long as u dont argue and lose. lol. i would talk to my self wen im working something out
i do not talk to myself
yeah! who doesn't! i only do it sometimes, but its mainly when i do something stupid, like tripping over or something, or when im trying to do homework and im getting really frustrated
Sometimes I talk to myself when I am in a rush and things are hectic. Like I will say: 'Darn-nit', 'f***ck' or I would ask myself 'what am I doing?'. I think it's normal until you start answering yourself.

I do so usually when I need to do some self-instructional process and to guide myself in completing a task or reminding myself of certain things. It helps me focus better, as when I talk to myself, the thoughts are more salient since they are now clearly heard.

And yes, it is natural for you to have conversations with yourself. For instance, you sometimes do have certain struggles within yourself, or it could be as simple as trying to make a decision about something.
I do indeed talk to myself.

I often do when I'm trying to work something out in my head, or problem solve.

Sometimes when I'm thinking about something, I'll talk out loud to myself about it.

It's natural to me, I don't know about other people.

I am also diagnosed with several mental illnesses that are under control, mostly, by medication... and have been for years.
Yes, sometimes. Scolding myself or praising myself... Yes, it's natural.
i talk to myself when i am stressed or thinking hard about an upcoming problem. I rehearse various things I might say to a person.
I talk to myself from time to time. I do it a lot in French because I used to do it on purpose to practice and it just kind of became natural. "Qu'est-ce que je cherche? Ah! Mes chaussures!"
I not only talk to myself but I have long and philosophical discussions and debates.

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