Am I ok?!...I feel very lost and unaccomplised..pls help!?

Hi all!.am almost 20 years old and I feel like am having a mid life crisis already!!...In the past years..lets just say my teenage years, If one had to ask me what my fondest memory is? I would def. say nothing because thats just it!..I dont do anything. I dont hang out too much either...thats like once in a few months thing for me. On top of that, am having a really hard time deciding what to do with my life- career wise- am always going back and forth about everything. I just feel like am like probably the only person in this world like me. The way I look or percieve things is just different I guess. Music is the one thing I can always turn to for "comfort"..and I was in my high school's choir and all but I dont think I could major in music though...I do like to sing though. Once I really thought I would be a singer one day...but just not motivated for anything..and am most of the time intimidated alot...and its frustrating to me that I am the way I am...pls help!

Do not worry. These are typical problems for someone your age. It is a time of transition into adulthood, and with that come many decisions and more responsibility. It is natural that you will feel unsettled.

Are you going to college? That is a great place to try out different courses and get an idea of what you might like to do. It is also very helpful to meet with advisors and career counselors there.

If you enjoy singing, find a way to do it as a hobby. Join a city choir or one at a nearby college.

Bottom line, many many people feel the same way you do. Now is the time to try out as much as you can in the way of studies and jobs. Good luck!
I don't want to be mean or anything, but that could be a problem. You may want to see a doctor or take a depression test. For now, think of all the positive things that happen in your life, even the little things. (Like singing, or just a sunny day) Your family and friends are always good places to turn to.

There are more than a handful of people in the world that feel the same way. You're not alone.

Really, I don't want to be mean at all. I just want to help you out. Best of luck!! <333
first, try to find something that will help your self esteem. then once you start to get a boost, try small things, and work your way up to big accomplishments
You're not the only one... I went through the same thing. Things will get better!! email me if you want to talk about it!! ttyl, keep the faith!!
You have to do something with your life. If your not sure what you want to do just take some basic college courses like math, music, and English. You have to have some type of determination or motivation for yourself.

Rule 2: The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself.
Indesicion and Motivation.
Do you feel like everything is "blah"? Or maybe, you like many things but there isn't really anything so special that you'd really go for it? I know what you're talking about.

Also, I just wanted to not ehta 'motivation' is external. It's somethign given to you by your surroundings. 'Drive' is internal. You initiate it. You shouldn't worry about what motivates you. That's unreliabel, and in your case may feel fake, which is what leads to indecision. Find out if you have 'drive' What is it that come sform insde you that makes you get up and do anything each day? If there isn;t much there, find a way to develop it. For example, just do what you want - with no inhibitions. If you thikn about something you want to do, don't blow it off as being a hassle. Just do it since you know you want to.

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