What does it mean when you reach the aeon? When you seem to be totally dissatisfied with yourself, life direction, prospects and just about everything. And you are noticing that things happening in your life and within your own mind, heart, soul are all changing into something almost completely different. Right down to the way your intuition works. What does it mean? I'm finding this is happening to me so let loose your theories!

Having looked at your profile, I'd say you have a life that most would envy. However, you have reached a point that having it all, so to speak, isn't really having it all. Sounds like a major paradigm shift, a sea change is in the making.

I could be wrong, but it sounds like you are spiritually and intellectually unsatisfied, still hungry. You have evolved through your travel and experience. Your soul now needs richer more satisfying food.

Religion-wise, it appears that you have gone back in time rather than forward. Buddha's message preceded Christ's. Through your study you must have seen that essentially they teach the same eternal universal spiritual truths. Still you are unsatisfied. Have you considered moving forward in time?

You like asking difficult questions. How about answering them? How will you go about finding what your soul desires?
Life does this. When your not doing what is right for you, and it doesnt matter if youve been doing it for years
life gets you by the scruff of the neck and shakes and shakes you until you give in. Ok life is to be lived for me me me my way. You will see that youve not changed at all just got rid of things and people who are not supposed to be doing what they have been..
yes revolt-as a Jew I had everything but the thing i needed most and money couldnt buy it-finally I revolted against materialism as my god-and I am truely happy now
this is how too="In marriage the bed is undefiled, but all others shall be judged." Hebrews 13 the same chapter that tells us once we let Jesus into our heart "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."
on faith=our best - good grooming hair to toes, with nice clothing kept.
to think our best - read the bible and get directions-especially the book of proverbs-i read 3 verses of it a day for 3 days, and then 3 new ones-greatest book of wisdom in the greatest book of smartness-the bible

yet to get the connection we must apply the answer from within-This helped me as born a Jew to realize =when we admit we need something more we are ready to consider the one that gave it all for us, to help us.

As promised "Unto us a child is born a son is given, and he will be the mighty God, the wonderful counselor, and the prince of peace." Isaish 9:6

He said "I go to the cross for the joy set before me, that you might believe." Gospel words of Jesus
"As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, repent quickly therefore (even of one lie) and turn to me. Behold I stand at your heart door and knock, if you hear my word and open the door I will come in and be your friend." Revelation 3:19&20

So I prayed and had this need fulfilled in my life ="Jesus I am sorry for my sins, thanks for dying for me and promising to come into my heart to help me, please do and be my friend, amen."

A new wonderful life began for me-and is offered to each person.

May you have a great day, I am praying for you and each concerned, David to the way to true happiness and good revolution spiritually to Jesus.
Take some time out and go through all you have done that
is good,and all the things of which you are ashamed.
See which is the longer list.Then sort out how you can take control again.Leave intuition alone for a while and you will find that calmness will heal.
It means you are starting to think for yourself and are forming your own theories. Its a normal part of growing to question and examine things to integrate them.

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