Am i being emotionally abused?

okay now i need to know if i really am being emotionally abused
there's a lot of name calling. i get told that what i think and feel doesnt really matter. i get put down a lot. i usually end up feeling like i'm not worth much. there's been a lot of suicide thoughts. i've become bitter and really withdrawn and when i do talk people think i'm weird. i tend to sort of get quiet and unresponsive sometimes, especially when im with the person who i think abuses me. people tell me i look unhappy. my parents arent always mean, though, it's only sometimes.
they dont seem to like who i am. they don't like my hobbies. they dont like what i'm interested in and always shout at me for it. i get shouted at a LOT. i usually feel like i messed up. i get blamed for things a lot, even in public. they tell me that when i cry or feel bad im being overdramatic and feeling bad for myself. a lot of insults. person has short temper.
am i being emotionally abused or is this really just an average kid's life?

defenitely see a therepist. if you have thoughts of suicide, you need to talk to someone to get your head straight. maybe in time you will realize that you will be okay. dont listen to mean things other people say. stand tall during those times. never doubt yourself just because someone says somthing to you. i believe in you.
Both. Emotional abuse, and a perhaps slightly less than average kid's life.

Unfortunately once it starts, it's not easily stopped. I used to go through it. But all you need to do is strive on, and remember that at the end of the day, nobody else amounts ****. Just care about yourself. They won't matter in a few years.
Whether you're being abused or not, you have to visit a psychologist. Just the fact that you've had suicidal thoughts is enough for you to seek for help. If this person is making you feel so bad, then you should get away from this person, even if some people might want to argue and say that you're not being abused. Just get away from people who ruin your life!
How old are you?
Unfornately it sounds like a textbook case of emotional abuse. You need to tell someone immediately before this turns into something worse. Tell a friend or a teacher, preferably an adult who can help you.
Yes. Your age doesn't matter. Neither does who is doing the abusing.
Verbal abuse - Yelling or screaming, blaming you for problems, talking down to you or being condescending, putting you down. Using sarcasm and hurtful "jokes"?

Emotional abuse (any act intended to undermine your emotional well being) - I'll just list them all, you pick the ones that apply. Said things to spite or insult you infront of others, telling you how you should feel or what you should like or not like, said or acted like you were stupid, called you names or swore at you, insulted you, taunted you in the name of fun, telling you that you will fail, telling you that you can't make it on your own, blaming you for all things that go wrong, accused you of having an affair, balmed you for his problems, withheld affection to punish you, put down you physical appearance, teasing, criticized you care of children/home, told you you were crazy or irrational, yelling or screaming at you, ignored you or your feelings, blaming you for his faults, accusing you of being violent when you protect yourself in anyway, labelling you as stupid, b!tch or ugly, using information about your past to hurt you, told you the family would be better off without you, attacked pets or property.
Yes! You really shouldn't be shouted at and called names. No one deserves that from their parents. Being blamed for things in public is really damaging as well. How old are you? You will be able to leave when you're 18. It will be hard to prove to social services, and I'm afraid foster care wouldn't be any better. No matter what anyone tells you you're not worthless. People try to bring you down to make themselves feel better. They're the one with the problem, not you. You will make friends eventually and things will get better. Most of my friends are odd and a few came from very abusive households( mentally and physically). They're doing fine now. You will get to be your own person. Once you leave, you don't have to come back. Try and hold on to the fact that you'll get to be your own person soon.
I think a lot of kids now days think they are being abused. They seem to have a sense of entitlement that previous generations didn't have. They think they can say whatever they want and they often feel like their feelings are hurt if they don't get validated.

That being said, if you think that you are being emotionally abused, you should definitely get some help. If you are a student, contact a school counselor. If you work, contact the HR department. You didn't elaborate much on who you think is abusing you so its hard to know. But go with your instinct and get help.
I dont know your age but look to me that you are very young. First of nothing I could tell that you have emotionally problems. Also I can tell that you have depression I think that you should talk to your mother or a adult and tell how you feel. You are important person and nobody have the right to hurt your feelings or to insult you Please ask for help and be you want to be YOU CAN DOIT;
This person and your parents are taking their frustration out on you and yes that is emotional abuse. What you don't have is an outside perspective that things are other than what these people are drumming into your head. When this goes on long enough they beat you down and you actually start believing them.

You need to get some professional help before this ruins your life or worse yet you hurt yourself. I realize as a kid you don't have many options for help so start with your school counselor/nurse, they can direct you somewhere in your community for support to get you through this. Your parents need family counseling so the abuse stops, it's not all just you, they obviously lack healthy coping skills and can't see what they are doing to you.

If that other person is your bf you need to dump him asap, all of this contributes to low self esteem and from those feeling of little worth are where the suicidal thoughts come from. In any case you need to get as much separation from that person as possible, you deserve better than that, they are abusing you to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Instead of teaching you and giving you options to chose from your parents are critical as a backward way of encouraging you to do something other than what you are doing and it's hard to understand what the hell they are really trying to say. I recognize this because my parents were the same way when I was a kid, I knew they loved me but it played hell with my self esteem and it took a long time to undo the damage.

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