Sometimes while sleeping-and even when awake-some babies smile also there are no one with them?

well-what is the exact reason-why babies smile during their sleeps or when awake-sometimes,when there are no one with them aslo -they smile-some say that,that GOD or an angel are speaking with them-do we know the real reason-
is it what they sees in their dreams that make them smile?

Hi John

The answer is most likely that smiling is instinctive. That is to say, babies seem to start out with only two basic ways of communicating/getting attention - crying and smiling/laughing.

They will do most of

(a) what they see most, because they do imitate what they see, and

(b) whichever gets the best/most consistent results.

Here's an experiment you can do with any newborn baby (i.e. only a few MINUTES old). I've heard many examples of it working, never heard of it failing:

- Hold the baby up so it can see your face
- Make sure s/he has his/her eyes open
- Stick your tongue out.
- The baby will stick its own tongue out.

It's certainly true that babies have very little brain compared to what they will have later on, but there are apparently actions right from the beginning, mainly to do with establishing a bond with the primary carer, which suggest that babies DO have a rudimentary understanding of how to control their facial expressions.

Why do they smile in their sleep?

Who knows.
With experiments on adults you can wake them up if a certain expression appears and ask them what they were dreaming about.
You can't really do that with babies, can you ;-(
Babies have no understanding of what a smile is, does or represents; they are simply learning how to use their new muscles. It's very nice to have a baby 'smile' at you, but it genuinely means absolutely nothing at all.
I remember watching my babies as they slept and seeing all the different expressions; it was wonderous! I heard that after they're born their muscles twitch to set themselves.

I do believe that babies smile at very young ages. I have a photo of my youngest at three months old with a huge grin and no one could mistake it for anything else! A baby will imitate what they see and if they see a lot of smiles, they'll get right to it.

There are studies done about the different way babies respond to the sound of their mother's voice or their father's voices. They are very aware, just not in the same ways we are because their brains are still developing.

All of that said, I also believe that babies see angels. They are, after all, fresh from Heaven. Have you ever noticed how a very young babies will look right over your head sometimes? :o)

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