Adults. Do you still have any of your childhood toys?

If so, what are they and do you take them out and look at them or play with them?

I am 44 years old & still have the original "astro boy" doll, in perfect nick.

I didn't play with dolls as a child, & I still don't. It was originally used to decorate my bedroom, & now it's in a box earning interest.

I also had a panda bear that I kept, because of an emotional attachment to it, and gave it to my daughter when she was born. It's been around over 40 years, has lost an eye & an ear, and is waiting to befriend the next born in my family.
No, I've moved so many times that my childhood toys were either thrown away or passed down.
My daughter is 19 and still has her fisher price puffalump that I bought for her before she was born!
In the eyes of the law I am an adult, 18, haha. I have a few little things from my really little years but I keep them put away to keep them safe. I was a gentle little girl on my toys and bankies.
Ok Mr. Wiggles I had him since i was 3 months old, and he is bald .
I don't have any toys from my childhood, but I do have a blanket my parents bought for me in Mexico when I was five. I'm quite attached to it and believe that if I don't take it with me whenever I move, I won't last long in the new place. I'm almost 27 now.
i loo k at them and sometimes i hug them play with them some people tell me grow up but should i where in my bedroom and with me
I still have a my collection of Tonka trucks. I used to get a new one for Christmas and for my birthday each year. I have about 15 of them. I don't play with them anymore, but I do like to get them out and look at them once in a while.
I have a few stuffed animals from my childhood. I have moved a lot my entire life so I have misplaced a lot of my stuff sadly. I don't even know where my stuffed animals are to be honest. I stopped playing with my childhood toys when I was 12 years old.
My mother is a pack rat and has kept all kinds of stuff from when we were kids! I have a "Baby Beth" doll I got for Christmas when I was 6 years old. I also have a doll bed and doll play pen that my dad made for me when I like 5 years old. When I had my daughter, my mom gave me dresses that I wore when I was a baby!! I also recently saw the "Baby bubble Tender Love" doll I got for my 8th birthday. The granddaughter's play with her in the bath when they stay the night with grandma and grandpa. You put a special "shampoo" on her head and when you squeeze her belly, bubbles form in her hair.

I also have a Fisher Price tea set that I got for Christmas when I was little. My daughter plays with it now too.

The "Baby Beth" doll and the play baby beds are in my daughter's room and she plays with them too. (Well, not the doll. But she is out for display in her room.) My mom has a few other dolls of mine when I was a little girl that she is going to give me when she comes across them.
I have a cabbage patch doll. I got for Christmas when I was 8.
I still play with her & my little girl.
no..I used to share my brothers' toys...don't like them very much, boys stuffs and don't last
I was always with books and enjoyed the fairy tales so much and hid them whenever my mum checked on me whether I was doing my homework/studying.
I still have some of the old books and enjoy looking at them once awhile. I still love the fairy tales. :)
Oh yes! I'm 24 and I have a big box of GI Joes under my bed. Every few months I take some of them out and group them together according to their uniforms into categories (covert ops, flight suit, arctic gear, totally gay...). I usually only grab the first five or six to do this with. It can't hurt--anything that gets the imagination going.
yes, I still have a white teddy bear that my mother got me when I was eight (now I'm 23). I have it by my bed, and sometimes I hold it when I sleep.
I hope I will keep it for the rest of my life..
It means so much to me, and it makes me feel safe..
No, really not, because I have moved for several times. Whatever I have got from my childhood is BOOKS! I loved reading then and I still read a lot.
an old avon toy ( rounded divided into two retractable halves of blue and red with shaped holes matching geometrical figures of yellows. u play it by putting all geo inside then empty it after for another start! it's similar to puzzles. i dnt knw the name of this toy but i had it probably since when i was 3-5, now im 21 and still love it!)

i do play it sometimes and im teaching my 1-yr old baby sister how to play it, it's fun!
dont you know those toys are great for in bed

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