Is this an odd pet peeve or am I a perfectionist?

I have a pet peeve and it kills me when people do this. I'm a grammer/ punctuation freak. I find it pleasing to the eyes to see something proper, therefor many of the questions on here tick me off.

Also, I hate it when tags are sticking up. I'm not sure why. I just want to go up to random people and put their tags where they belong.

Another example, not so much of a pet peeve but just a habit, is when I write notes for school they have to be perfect. I usually can't make them neat so that night I will go home and re-write them, then immediately throw away the messy notes.

I've been told I'm a perfectionist, are those the kind of things perfectionists do?

It depends on if you need everything else to be perfect too. I'm also a grammer/punctuation freak, and I also have that pointless neat-notes obsession, but when it comes to stuff like my bedroom, it's a complete disgrace. I think a 'perfectionist' can't stand *anything* being wrong/out-of-place/messy, but if it's only some things, then they are just 'pet peeves'.
Yea that's a bit perfectionistic.
No biggie though. People who are perfestionistic are usually the ones who:
1. Get better grades.
2. Get better jobs.
3 Go further in life

Be proud of who you are.
and don't change for anyone but you
I don't think that you're being too much of a perfectionist. I don't know exactly when it became ok to write like you have never graduated from highschool, but it is quite annoying when someone clearly doesn't grasp the basic principles of spelling, grammer, and punctuation.

The rules of language have been put in place for a reason, and following them not only enhances your understandability (I just coined a new word!), but it leaves a favorable impression of you in your audience's mind.
It's technically part perfectionist.

I myself am a grammar/puctuation freak, but my handwriting is a total mess.

Let's get together and mass-murder people in chatrooms.
Hi Layla,
They do seem to be perfectionist tendencies.

But this sets you apart from the people who are content with the status quo, walking around with their tags sticking up in back. :)

Embrace your pet peeves
want to tutor me in grammar ? and spelling? It's a work in progress but I have spent days crying over it and i'm in my late 20's
i just think your well educated and like anyone who knows the correct way when you see it incorrectly it annoys or could annoy anyone!
o man, i'm the same exact way. online i dont care too much but when i write my notes if i mess up then i need to start over. The tag thing is the same with me too and when things are spelled wrong i hate it too. I went to the councilor and he said these are minor ocd tendencies and if they dont affect you from doing everyday tasks then you're fine. I think you should see a councilor.
Yes it drives me mad..on here there are people who write in a certain way that drives me mad and makes them sound very very stupid!! Here is an example that I just found on here!!

Wot is dat feeling like wen u do it and wot it called and how does it effect you wen you do it?

Oh dear.what is that??!!

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