Why are Christians, Christians..?

When Jesus was a Jew? Surely if Christian are follwers of Christ (Jesus) then surely they should be Jewish right.or am I wrong. Can someone help me to understand please. Because this is a question, I don't understand. Do Christians only follow Christ teachings, or is there more too it
.please serious answers??

This is a very good question, in that Jesus preached in synagogues, there are Messianic Jews, rtc. etc. I could give you various theological and historical reasons but you would be netter off googling 'Zeitgeist Video', and watching that.
i don't know I'm not religious
Jesus was a Jew but he didn't come to save just the Jews. He came to save the whole world. The term Christian just means, 'belonging to Christ' so anyone, of any race or nationality is considered a Christian if they have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.
Dont know really..
I Arnt religious and im glad, i believ thers something out there but dont believe all taht bible bashing stuff, i meen if god did exist then why is there somuch pain in the world even for those who have been faithful to him?

Load of bollokz!

i chose to live life to the full:) you only live once x
because they can and the want to be.
I think Christians are Christians nowadays because Jewish people are still expecting their Messiah. They didn't accept Him when He came. So, this way the teachings differ as well. By the way, in the book of Acts in the Bible the church in Antioch is mentioned. It is where the Christians were called Christians. Before that they were like a religious sub-group in Judaism. I think they were called something like "Followers of the Way."
Religion is a waste of space and the cause of most wars.
We are Christian because we believe in Christ - that he is the son of God and died for us on the cross.
Jews are still waiting for the coming of Christ - they dont believe that it was Jesus.
ive always wondered that myself but if you watch the passion of christ it gets answered,as god was talking to him and told him to follow that way of life and to spread the word.

but in my opinion religions were designed for one thing and one thing only WAR.

get rid of religion you end the wars

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