What do you believe in?

You can read my yahoo 360 blog to see what I believe in.
I think it is important for you to know that I do believe in love.

I believe in Faith. Through faith all things are possible but only works if you believe.
The miracle starts in you...

Belief brings joy and wisdom. It opens doors. It makes dreams come true. I believe we are spirits in physical bodies. Connecting to my own energy brings so many wonders to life, it truly is incredible. I seen the light after watching the movie the Secret. Wow what a difference in my life. Love and Peace be with you.
I believe in love, too.
yes, you are correct.
I don't believe in much of anything and certainly not love. At 47 I don't want any kids of my own and I sure as h*ll don't want someone elses. There ain't much other need for love unless you gotta have a family. I guess I do believe in waking up in the morning, having coffee, working in my garden, and playing my guitar. I don't have enough faith in mankind to trust any of them so I just keep to myself.
I believe in the 4 part manifesto taught to me by my grandfather, a Cherokee Indian:

Each day:

1. Purify your mind;

2. Nourish your spirit;

3. Protect your body;

4. Honor your heritage.

Notice that it moves from mental (1) to spiritual (2) to physical (3), then when and only when all is "right" within you can you affect the community outside you (4).

There you go.

Neat question.
I believe that the world was created a few centuries before B.C and that God just made all the fossils, and scientific thingys jus tto screw with our brains. There was never a BIG BANG or anything, just him testing us and our faith.
u.f.o's,aliens,paranormal activity.
i belive in past lives

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