Always been single...need some insight?

Always been i missing something?

almost 19...never been kissed.i just want to concentrate on my career and school, but sometimes i feel like i have some catching up to do in the 'social world'.does it sound abnormal to have never been in a relationship even after college? or youre already in your twenties?

Not werid at all. Most people who are highly intelligent have a hard time interacting with people that are far different in IQ. You have less to talk about, and your prioties are different. I'm in a hurry so ignore the typos please.
However, getting a serious relationship will become more nerve racking the longer you push it off. I would suggest more "more guys out" nights. Perhaps get comfortable with female friends before entering the dating world. You need to understand what women want before being able to give them what they want, this goes for emotional as well as physical. Dont get caught up in all the physical only. Personality is hugely more important. GOOD LUCK!!! IT's a jungle out there!
You did it your way and now it is time for the social things so good luck

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