A lot of stress, need ideas on getting the mud off my karma?

It may be a good idea to visualize that your hands are
pushing it all the way down to your feet and melting it off
your body. Imagine you're shaking the glop off your hands.
Send it all down into the ground below your feet. Shake it all
off and tell yourself to start fresh with everything from that
moment on.
To get the mud off your karma you should consider forgiving some one who is worthy, being nice to people, doing good deeds or helping some one that needs help.
Basically anger is the worst thing for your karma.
Remember, karma is like a little bead that you string on a necklace. The necklace is your life.
The good and the bad stick with you and in turn affect your next life.
Best wishes!
Do some selfless acts. Random acts of kindness, with no expectations of gratitude.
If you do something for someone, and they offer money, no matter how much you want the money, do not accept it. The reason you are doing this (karma) is gratuity enough.
Smile at strangers, talk to someone you usually don't. Just do the little things that we take for granted. That should help lessen the stress by making you feel good about you.
the best of luck. peace.
No need to be stressed out--might it be that karma works in reverse, we earn victim points in order to come back as a perpetrator?

Doesn't human behavior appear to be getting more extreme in the areas of war, crime, violence in general?

So, sufferers are 'earning' points while mean people are former sufferers who are 'spending' theirs.

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