What's the most hurtful thing anyone has done to you...?

And how did you get over it?

Someone really important to me abondoned me when I needed them the most. It took me a really long time to eventually live with it, but I still struggle with it even today. I just try to live in today and I am functional. I found more friends in the mean time and I become much happier.

The most important thing that happened to me out of this experience was that I learned a great deal. I learned that you should never count on anyone to do something for you (or at least you shouldn't ALWAYS count on them) and I learned to become a stronger woman. I learned there was more to life than I thought in the beggining.
My friend asked my crush out, even though she is female. I felt like I got stabbed in the heart. I got over it, because he said no.
My best friend, Melanie, after five years of frienship chose her trashy boyfriend of 3 months, Vinny, over me.

We haven't been friends since 1994. That's how we got over it.

I doubt if she is still with him, but I bet we'd still be friends if she heeded my advice and wasn't so needy.
they told me they still hated me after I had the rope around their neck..I push them off the house anyways is how I got over that ordeal
Beat me until I was black and blue all over, I couldn't eat for a week because I was so bruised.... I just had to get on with it, life goes on, I became a little wiser and a lot more cynical though !


.... :0)
Something that hurts me is when my teacher ignores me for not speaking to her. I will admit, it is rude when you don't speak to someone, but it is also rude to treat that person like they have AIDS or something. As ugly as she is, I never treat her that bad. It really hurts, it really does.
The most hurtful thing done to me was betrayal by my mother. She did it on a continual basis from the age of 10. Finally, I broke my connection with her all together. This helped a lot.

What helped me more was when my last (of many) shrinks told me to write about my experience. I did and am very happy today. I even turned my writing into a book, Don't Cry for Me, to help others in my same situation.

I highly recommend writing about betrayal. It helps you comprehend what happened from your point of view - and they betrayer.
My family told me to stop being friends with a boy whose mother was a prostitute: I never did get over it, and I no longer see any of them.
The way people treated me in middle school which is a very long story..but basically years of emotional abuse. I think when my uncle molested me and my aunt protected him was the most hurtful thing she could have done , and I don't think I have completely got over that yet. I have got my fair share from people.
marrying somebody who I though loved me as much as I loved him and finding out he was a totally different person, all in a matter of about 3 months. And he would never tell me what was the problem no matter how much I begged, coerced and cried.
It was tough but I finally divorced him, only looking back wouldn't now I wouldn't hang on and put myself through the torture. Life is too short.
had an affair
lead me on, i though she was great but months later she turned out to be a cheating ho
When me and my husband divorced my best friend was my "ROCK" I loved my husband and wanted him back SOOO bad and she knew that and she helped me through it all for 3 years.She knew how much I loved him and she saw me struggle.Well, she turned her back on me and she ended up moving in with him.They have been together fo a year now.As far as getting over it---I haven't.I don't trust anyone now.If your best friend can do something like that to you than who can you trust??
I had a sister in law spread mean spirited rumors through my husband's family about me.her and my brother in law are money mongers...when my in laws were very sick (both died with in a year)...she didn't want me around...first because she didn't think they deserved to be loved on during their end times.and because they are all about money.they were afraid that in some way we might influence them when it came to their money.but any how...I feel sad that my husband's parent's were denied the love they deserved before they died.my husband was their for his parents...but he had to work too.I could have been there more if things were not as they were.How did I get over it?.Time and the Lord.His spirit has allowed me to heal and to be able to release it.She now has cervical cancer and we pray for her daily.I am not sure I could have a few years ago.
My father,left us long times ago and he never take care of me my mother and sisters.I always jealous of other kits with ther father that`s hurt me a lot, but this never stops me live my own life
This happened only a few months ago. I was getting ready to get into the first relationship that I've had with a girl since 3rd grade. I really liked her a lot, and I believed she felt the same about me. It was even at a point that I could say... that I loved her. She was the first girl that I ever valued, not for what she looked like, (I thought she was beautiful among other girls) but for who she was on the inside... a good person. I was very good friends with her, until that unfortunate day in November, when I was stabbed in the back. I was on the verge of asking her out, when she decided to go out with someone else. I've never felt so betrayed... so lost... so hopeless... so... alone. The pain was excruciating, and I nearly lost all contacts with her completely. I've only spoken to her 3 times since that day. The last words I remember her saying came from what I believe to be her realization of shattering the person I was. "I don't want you to be sad." Those words are forever seared into the shattered remnants of my broken heart. I regret to say that I have not gotten over this, and I don't think it will happen anytime soon.
Allowed their addiction's to take over their life and the lives of those around them until everything they had, everything, was gone, not just material things, (although those are all gone too), but the all important glue that keeps people together, trust, love ,honor, (the marriage vows basically).

As far as getting over it, hasn't happened yet, separated, headed toward divorce (after 25 years of marriage), very sad, very disappointing, it's not suppose to be this way.
my good friend left when i needed him the most . it hasn't been that long.. im still not over it
Some things are so bad you never get over them..but you don't stop trying or that bad "gift" keeps on giving . There comes a time , when you decide to stop being a target ; and so you do .
My mother left my father & I without saying goodbye. She went to Florida to my sisters house with her parents because she was upset with my dad. We didn't know where they were, but we finally figured it out. It was very strange because at first my sister would not tell me if mom & grandparents were there or not. She finally told me, but it really hurt me so much that 4 out of 5 of my family members could conspire against my dad & I. A few weeks later mom & grandparents returned back home. Eventually my parents got back together again.

I don't think I ever really got over it. It's very strange to have most of your family walk away from your life, and then return and expect that things would be the same as before. It took a very long time for me to want to see any of them again. And the hardest part was that no one ever said they were sorry. It was as if my feelings were not important. After many years my sister & I have finally started to reconnect, but its going take time for me to have 100% trust in her.
..When my mother told me I belonged in a mental institution. (just because I was feeling tired and sick for no reason) ..yeah it really hurt my feelings. It still bothers me from time to time but I realized that I needed to move on. People need to watch what they say to others. Words can burn.

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