Not taking care of myself?

1 was diagnosed with depression a while ago. I am also bipoloar and suffer from social anxiety. Although I am getting better mentally, I am worse physically. I am currently taking 300mg of wellbutrin and 30 mg of lexapro.

I am generally "happy" but I don't take care of myself at all. I brush my teeth once a month, shower 1 or 2 times a week and rarely even get dressed.All I do is eat, watch television and go online. I'm supposed to be working from home since I can't keep a job outside the house and am currently enrolled in a state school. I am too afraid to see my academic advisor and I havn't signed up for classes so I don't know if I will even be able to go in the fall. I havn't worked in three weeks. Luckily I have a boyfriend who loves and supports me and takes care of me.

I dont know what to do. I finally found medicine that makes me feel better but its like now I dont care about anything at all. Please help me

you should be keeping a journal of your moods for your doctor and therapist. If you are only going for drug prescriptions, that is not enough. Wellbutrin is for depression, and if you are bi-polar, you should have other medications for mood leveling.
Make sure you tell your doctor all of the things mentioned in your question here, as you might need your medication altered.
Absolutely make a commitment to brush your teeth daily,
you can never get new ones once you ruin the ones you have. They are more important than your hair or your clothes. Actually, the more you can do to pamper yourself, bubble baths, fragrances, hair styling, nice clothing, etc., the more you will start to feel better about yourself. If you are in too deep of a slump, call the doctor and make sure he knows how bad off you are. He isn't going to guess if you don't tell him.
Well it's never good to not take care of yourself. A start is to not lean on your bf for support all the time. I would go to a doctor or something because that sounds really serious. If you are to scared to go to the doctor take your bf with you or someone you trust. This is really serious and i think a doctor can help alot!
i guess you already mentioned a lot issues that you need to resolve. First, take care of your hygiene. Brush your teeth 3 times a day and floss. Take a bath everyday. Do a total makeover. Bury that old attitude and get a new one that is totally different you.

You need to address these issues on a daily basis and medicines are not answers for it.

You are now able to do a self evaluation and that is good. Next level is to start doing something for yourself.
well I think you don't know the consequences of not brushing your teeth: that you could get an abscess far up in your gum or above it and it could go into your brain and cause death. I think you bathe more often than i do because my aunt is picky about her septic tank. I haven't done any house work for months until my favorite aunt is now due to come over and I wanted it clean for her.Do you have a work at home job? my fiance needs one.
hi why dear u r not care of urself if u take care or not no one in this word border that what u r good or bad any more if u want to say to u email me or send messege to my id yahoo messenger karimim11 is my id ok
our appearances reveal what we really think of ourselves. i faced a similar thing then i realized that if i don't take care of myself i come out as someone with a low self esteem or a poor body image. i think you should try to create a routine of taking care of yourself, that should include eating well, exercising, well grooming, and dressing up... if you try to do it everyday it will become part of you. trust me when you try that everyday you will feel better about yourself and probably wont feel depressed; because from experience depression in most cases are delved from not feeling so highly about yourself and not respecting the uniqueness of being you...

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