At which point should your optimism change to realism?


Can't optimism and realism coexist in a relative peace?

If you think not, I think you've let a little more pessimism drift into your realism...
When it comes true.
this looks like a question for Honesty bf
Being optimistic about some things is never bad, but when it gets to the point you live in some kind of fairytale land then you should reconsider. You have to wake up and accept the fact that not all things are good and take reality as it is. Don't try to change anything and take things as they are.
at birth.
Yes, I agree that optimism and realism can coexist. We create our own realities. We in our minds will envision a possible future reality for ourselves and our thoughts will make a bridge from that imaginitve thought into reality.
100 mph.
what's the point of being optimistic about something non realistic?
when u were confidence that u can do it and you did it!

The other side of this coin is: "at which point should your pessimism change to realism?"

Optimism / Pessimism are two points on a graph. The world is rarely as bad or as good as we think it is. The secret is finding a way to live with that tension. Expect the best - but be prepared for the worse; don't wait for tomorrow or wish you could change the past - then you are living in real time and the present becomes far more tolerable.
Good wishes.
Good question, but your phraseology contorts the so called nominal reality you have already defined.

Reality is a constantly changing sphere- there is no set dictat or dogma that we are forced to live with. For better or worse there is individual freedom and liberty- I think for better.

Optimism can change reality- you can see a mountain as either a challenge or a mountain. Well, ok ultimately it's still a mountain but it can be a challenge rather than a metaphorical mountain. You cannot move a mountain, but you can blow up small hills. It's all a question of approach and demeanour, nothing is set nothing is certain and that can be very scary.

With decency, optimism and respect for other people it can be a very exciting mountain though.
When you see the bus you were running to catch fading from sight up the road

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