Am I this real?

or is my mind playing tricks on I need medication?

yes its a dream, i don't know how to prove it to you because i don't really exist you can just put words in my mouth and i can't do anything about it.
duno what are you dreaming about?
God, I wish this was a dream and that maybe we would all wake up at death. But maybe we would all wake up to something like Neo in the Matrix, then that would suck. But no, I think this is very real and yes we are all stuck here on this planet, together, for as long as it will let us. And it's up to you and your doctor if you need drugs.
Your not dreaming, this is real. Are you on an Acid trip??
you might wanna post up another question actually telling us the situation.
give more details on this dream to so that i can more or less know what you are talking about.
before anyone can answer this question you might want to expand it and tell us what your dream was!
Think you left off something. LOL
Can't tell you.

Sorry, but please tell me your dream.
Or at least what happened.

Thanks, and good luck.
pinch yourself .. .. does it hurt ? then its not a dream... and yeah what the heck are u dreamin about sounds like a acid trip to ... share eh!

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