GREAT QUESTION...Always pack your own PARACHUTE!
no im real, ur fake
How did you know? Are you following me?
an old saying..."just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you."
your in league with the government aren`t you ?
yes,when iam not on my own ground.
I wouldn't be if everyone stopped getting onto me - and why DO YOU WANT TO KNOW !!!
No but my awareness is heightened!!
crack does that to you
why? who told you i was paranoid?

used to be well noid, but gave up the turkish cigarettes and that sorted out a lot of problems.

got too many friends in and out of hospital and on medication now to start all that again..
They're coming to take me away HA_HA HO_ HO HE_HE!!
no mum i'm not..
No. I have perfectly good reasons to feel insecure, got to go haven't checked the locks.
Totally, I see dead people Mon - Fri!!
All the time, i dont think we would be normal if we did not get paranoid!

But then again what is normal?
I dunno.
my psychiatrist kindly informed me you can't self diagnose paranoia, because if you 'know' it's a paranoid thought, it's not really paranoia as you know it's not real!

so what do you think about the evil aliens living in my basement?
oh god yeh!
why do you want to know? who told you to ask me?
who are you going to tell?
Why are you asking ME this question? Do you know something about me? Who gave you this information? Is someone checking out my computer? Who is it, who knows what sites I visit? Oh my God, I'm signing off right now. Or will they ask why I suddenly signed off? Could that be misinterpreted? Maybe I shouldn't sign off - or should I?
Definitely yes!
NICE QUESTION...No, but I am sometimes annoyed.

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