"The Greatest lie I ever told"?

what is your greatest lie?share that to me.

looking my mother in the eye and telling her i did not have sex with my bf when i did!! oh man, that hurt me sooo much! but i just couldn't tell her!!!
I Love You
I lied about my age for a long time! The problem is i look about 20 years older than i am when i have a beard so nobody disbelieved me!
I didnt kill him. lol just kidding

I know one. . . I didn't take it.
stock market
I told my husband I was going to come back to him when I was secretly plotting to destroy him.
Who farted?
God has already forgiven me & He no longer remembers it & neither do I.
I tell people that I'm a doctor
i didn't do it...any of it!
Saying I was mugged when I was 12 years old when I spent to much of my news paper collection money and didn't have enough to pay to the company. It was in the news paper the next day, I had to talk to the cops several times in the next few days etc... There just happened to be a bunch of muggings in the area and my story fit right in. I never did tell that it was a lie at that time. I did tell my mother 20 years later though. I didn't look far enough ahead and only thought that I was going to be lying to my mother... Got way out of hand...
When i said ' Kareena Kapoor is my favorite actress'
It wasn't me!
I am true to my relationships and will be ever and ever . In my sense till date never told a lie but when I was in school I told a big lie to my mother that I haven't received my report card as my percentage was very low as compare to my previous ones as I was an intelligent student but I got only 79.4% in my eighth board examination and I expected 90% as well as my teachers.

Though it was not so bad now I understood but I tried to hurt them but after few days they came to know from my class teacher as they met her on the way to market .

This was the first and last lie I ever said and I learned a lesson from my mistake and after this incident I never tried to tell any lie as I was open to my feelings.

My mind accepted the mistake and acted the reason was that my parents after this incident never scolded me and never ever reminded me of my mistake, they took it lightly and forgive me .
I don't lie.
What lie ?
I am this evanescent body and i own so much in this world like house, bank balance, good health, etc. In fact none of this is yours.
Why would you want to know this? What purpose does it serve? Where is the need to spread negativity all around?

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