Why do guys do this?

I drive a bright yellow coupe. (Chevy Cobalt). As I sat at the traffic light this evening, I overheard the guy in the SUV next to me making fun of me for driving a yellow car. His girlfriend in the passenger seat laughed at his remarks. This is not the first
time I encountered this type of situation.
I wonder if on some level these guys
feel threatened by me. Maybe that's why they
feel the need to put me down in front of their girlfriends. I'm secure enough to drive a yellow coupe at age 46, yet I am
admittedly bothered by treatment nonetheless.
(I'm also guy for the record). I could easily respond back to them and escalate the
situation. But I think if I could
understand the reasoning behind their behavior it would help me deal with it better.
Thanks for your help.

Actually, not all guys would feel the need to put down someone's car (regardless of colour). The ones that do still have dominance & status issues to deal with (ie: haven't grown up fully yet). The boys with their toys syndrome. The easiest way to deal with it, is a 3 fold approach.

1 - Ignore them. If they feel so put down by a simple yellow car, that's their problem, not yours.

2 - Remember that it takes a strong, well developed personality to be able to stand out in the crowd (wearing bright colours or driving a different kind of car) and not feel out of place.

3 - If somebody needs to show some sort of petty dominance over you (for your choice of car or for anything else) let them. Just remind yourself of the good reasons for making that choice (ie: Cobalt is much more efficient on gas than SUV, much cheaper on insurance, yellow car much easier to spot in parking lots, and how much easier is it to find a parking space for you than for those gas guzzling monsters out there?
i think that they're just being a**holes. they are making fun of the color of your car because it's not stereotypically dark and masculine. good for you for ignoring that! if only our society would do the same... it's just like bullying in school. it's immaturity and insecurity masked by cruelty, by putting others down unnecessarily...
cuz guys like to impress girls
Simply put: they have "issues"- whatever they may be...shortcomings, inadequacies, whatever you want to call it, they feel they have to put people down- for whatever reason.

I'm not a fan of any yellow car, but I don't make fun of people's choices- it's not MY car

And, it's not just men- women can be equally as insulting and rude- they just need therapy!

good luck
If he needs to bash others to make himself feel better, that just means he has nothing inside to value.

Pity him. And his girlfriend, for engaging in mutual shallowness.
People who feel they must put down others, usually have low self esteem for one reason or another, and probably do feel threatened for some reason. Don't respond back, realize they are the one with the problem, and not even worth your attention, or time! I think yellow is a great cheerful color, a nice change from all the grey and black cars!
No he probably was secretly attracted to you and was trying to hide it from his girlfriend...
just ignore them - they're a bunch of idiots with no life. same goes for their idiot girlfriends for joining them in stupidity. it's your car- you like it yellow! let it be yellow!

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