Cybersex issues?

Does anyone of you know, how can an individual convince somebody (who is/was a strong believer of NO sex online) of doing cybersex via webcame and mic?

you are a PERV!!!
Well I hope I can convince you that you are sick. Sick.
You shouldn't "convince" anyone to have sex of any kind.
Just tell your Aunt that you'll give her money at the next family picnic.
Why would you want to force someone to do something they don't want to do? If this is actually someone you care about leave it alone. If it isn't someone you care about...shame shame on you. ;o)

Heck now that I see your g/f let some guy talk her into this....DUMP your g/f, she will be likely to cheat on you in the future if she goes this far already.
Better yet, if you can convince them into actually coming to your house or getting them to let you come over theirs, then you will never have to worry about how to get someone to on line smut play with you.
no i dont know why any person would strip with a stranger on the other side.
That would be wrong.

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