My emotions are a road block to my achievements. How can I "ignore" them?

Emotions aren't meant to be ignored. They are the basest and most powerful things in the world.
What emotions and what achievements? Look into gnosticism. Don't pay any attention to the mumbo jumbo spiritualist stuff, just the techniques taught for relaxation and awareness.
you cant. You work with all your emotion to achieve you goals! You can do any thing. Stay focused and positive.
your emotions do play a very large part in the things that you want to achieve in live and yes sometime they are blockers.

no one can every ignore them, but dealing with the issues at hand or getting advice from a trusted friend or family member, can often make the difference to resolving them. once resolved, you can move forward to your achievements

Giving your best in any situation , even under stress is the best you can do at the time, and no one should feel bad for this is is natural,

determination here. is the key

Good Luck and godbless
You do not ignore your emotions > you just do not let them rule your life > and believe me when I say it is not easy, there is always a process in living life > what I realized is my emotions deal in the realm of my senses > and in order to begin the process of control we must accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior > because really we can not do anything without Him (Jesus Christ) > just look around you > think about what you are seeing > what I know now is to believe in what I do not see > the Triune God > and one learns to call things that be not as though they were > trusting in and relying on and believing in and loving our Truine God > also knowing that God answers prayer one must becareful what one prays for that is why I try to say Lord thy will be done in my life one even goes to the point of saying Lord God know matter how one wants and believes one needs whatever if it is not in your will and if it will be bad for me > please do not let me have it. Ohhhhh some times one hurts but then one believes to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living and one remembers Gods' mercy is new every morning > it has been said "weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning" We win every battle > not to worry nor be concerned > you must keep reminding yourself of that sometimes moment by moment. God loves you very very much > so you my friend are able to set some limits on those emotions.

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