{!Anger!}.. recently (i dont know why but) little things are start to piss me ofF! but why?!?

i went2my friends place n.. D smell of D place just pisSd Me ofF! (D place dint stink bad) bt.. i got so angry.. i cud kilL som1

also about 2dayz ago (although not D 1st tym) my cusin took my psp without tellin Me!!.. again D anger came from nowhere
N i felt like punching som1

..i felt like D HULK!!.. (am i transformin2 a murder or ...)
... im just worried that.. 1 of dis dayz.. i myt seriously hurt som1 for somthing thats not worth it >.<

You sound as if you are frustrated with the world right now. Things are probably not going the way you perceived that they should, so you are transferring your frustration to an outside entity in order to sooth your own ego and psyche.

I suggest that you try to harness all of that pent up anger and express it in a more constructive manner. You have the energy and the drive. You are just expressing it in the wrong way.

Put that energy to work for you, rather than using it to destroy yourself and others.
Grrrrrr. Me too.
Only the stupid uneducated youth will be able to understand your incomprehensible question. How on earth do you expect to get anything even resembling a decent answer?
Maybe it's "D" people you hang around with, or "D" attitude you have
That energy you are feeling is everywhere. It is the sum total of all that is happening in the world. Have you noticed how the animals are behaving lately? They are feeling it too.

You must change your point of view.
depending on your age ,it could just be your body changing.
your hormone levels change.you could just be suffering from high testostrone levels.turn around and walk away when you feel like that,take sum slow deep breaths and give yourself a chance to calm down before you try approaching the person again.
dude just type right you child
I went to my friends place and.. the smell of the place just pissed me off! (the place didn't stink bad) but, i for so angry, i could kill someone.

also, about two days ago (although, not the first time) my cousin took my psp without telling me! again the anger came from nowhere and I felt like punching someone.
I felt like The Hulk! (am I transforming into a murderer?) i am just worried that one of these days i might seriously hurt someone for something thats not worth it. >.<

My advice would be, stop listening to 50cent (which I guess by your lack of intelligence, you do.. and listen to something to chill you out.. bob marley maybe, or something acoustic, music can help alot. Also, just try and think positive, it helps.

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