Do you think I'm a freaky employee?

Would you be freaked out by me if you were my employer?

These are my characteristics:
- Quiet
- Reserved
- Speaks only when necessary (ie. work-related only)
- Doesn't go out for breaks (I work 4-6 hours per day)
- Hardly ever makes eye contact
- Hardly ever smiles
- Appears to be cold/aloof

Your opinions are much appreciated. Thanks.

- Quiet - No, people who are quiet are normally just introverted, OR working, so I would be happy if my employees were quiet... if that is the kind of job quietness is called for of course

- Reserved - see above, that is just a personality trait

- Speaks only when necessary (ie. work-related only) that is okay, but may be a little weird because you can't make friends when you only talk necessarily about work - but if you're not there to make friends then its fine

- Doesn't go out for breaks (I work 4-6 hours per day) thats okay, as long as you eat (at your desk) don't starve just because you're at work

- Hardly ever makes eye contact - i think that's weird at any time.. not just at work... there must be a reason why you are like this - perhaps you had some trouble when you were younger? Eye contact is very important and is sometimes rude if you don't give it...

- Hardly ever smiles - that is just sad - i'm sorry for you, i hope you're okay... I dont think that makes you weird though

- Appears to be cold/aloof - i'm not sure what you mean here, but I dont think that is that weird..

Hope that helped a bit

p.s that is why you don't have any friends, people like you don't approach people and are not approachable... perhaps you need to talk to a counseller and work out what is the underlying problem...?
That's the typical employee.
you keep your self to your self and work hard. why is that 'freaky'?
Depends where you are working....In a business back office job you would probably be Ideal but Any job that pertains to customers you would probably not do so well. As far as weird goes don't be so hard on would just come off as dedicated to your job!
the eye contact thing is freaky. what are you hiding?
I'd like to know where you work or at least what type of job you have before I answer that question?
your just fine.. but i suggest that you associate with your co-workers.. they can be helpful sometimes..
Some employers like that, a lot don't. I remember years ago, a manager that worked in my department (it was HR at the time, I actually worked for different managers) told me about one of her former secretaries. She actually liked her, but many of the other people in the department didn't and from what you described, she was a lot like you. Mary had to end up letting her go because she didn't interact well with others. It sounds like you may be really shy and therapy could actually help you through that - as well as making you more personable to find friends...I'm guessing you must be a very lonely person due to this.
I think in light of the recent VT shootings, you could be considered freaky by many people.

However, since few people are really that mentally disturbed and homicidal/suicidal, I doubt you would be considered dangerous. Even he wasn't considered dangerous by most.

In my opinion, considering most people thought that of me a time or two, I think you are just basically quiet and reserved around people you don't know. You perhaps have some feelings of insuperiority, or even possibly superiority.

Hardly ever smiles could be a result of the above or bad teeth, or even that many men take smiles the wrong way and think you are interested and start hitting on you, which you finally learn that you neither smile nor make eye contact, because men take it as a come-on and women take it as a threat. Go figure that one out.

Speaks only when necessary may be that you are either afraid someone is going to think you are dumb or are afraid you will be judged as thinking you are superior because of your higher intelligence and above average vocabulary.

Doesn't go out for breaks means you probably don't smoke and don't socialize for many of the reasons listed above. It could also be that you don't want to associate with the type of people you have to work with or have found personal working relationships interfere with the functions of your job.

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