Why some people are afraid of the darkness?

People are always afraid of the unknown, the uncharted and unpredictable. Darkness brings the same feeling of the unknown, the unpredictable and the uncharted.
Literature often associate figuratively evil with darkness and that's what most of us are afraid. Crimes and illegal activities are likewise happening in the dark. Basically it is in this bad light, that darkness get the nerves out of us.
I am I feel like it is closing in on me and you can't see an escape route
I think some people are afraid of darkness because they feel like someone will come out of the darkness and get them.
Please remeber the dark is here to comfort us and bring us safely to our next day. Use the dark wisely
The darkness stems from childhood, if you experienced something bad when you were little it never really seems to leave you.
some people feel as if there are monsters, and if not monsters, some unexplained-force in the darkness. also, there's also some people feel as if the darkness is suffocating them, and closing around them.
well some people have had a dark past and hate dark because their past was so dark. Or some people just don't like blackness. ( i am afraid of the dark also) in my case i don't like the dark because i think someone will try to kill me or steal me. Have u even seen Hide And Seek? well all the really bad things happen in the dark in that movie.
becuase u can't see anything
Well i feel like something is following me or standing next to me. May be its because of my big bro, he used to scare me in the dark by spooky sounds and stories when i was very young .
I am afraid of the dark. I think it stems from the fact that when i was younger i never got the chance to settle in one place, we was always moving house. I'm just getting used to this house, (which is my own) now. Lived here for 3 years
They are afraid of the un-known ; of what they cannot see in the dark. In the same way , people are afraid of death, of being buried. A line from a song goes : Jenny said, when I die, do not bury Jenny, because Jenny is afraid of the dark.
because it's drk duh!
u cant see anything n u can hear everthing. that's scary.

not to me though.
Im not really afraid of the dark just dont like it, prob cos of my past. dad thing.

guess its just somthing that is built into some of us? stuff happens in past be it nightmares or somthing real it can effect us forever even though we know there is nothing out there to hurt us.
the dark scares me and i am 18 haha. For me, it is watching scary films as a child, the scariest moments were usually when it was dark or pitch black. So now I think if i walk around in the dark at night, the grudge girl is gonna come kill me lol
people arent afraid of the dark,its whats in the dark,argh.its frightening!
People are afraid of the darkness because it obstructs their viewing. Especially because we depend on our eyes.
I'm sorry I can't throw any light on your question.
(Yawn) Answer: 'Fear of the unknown.'

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