I like black roses what it means?what is the meaning of black roses?in my character?

i like rose but most of all i like black rose..please help to know more about of it..

roses stand for elegance above all else, most people think it'sl ove but thats mostly to do with the color.

black signifies maybe some darkness, some haevy serious side. that's a bad explanation but let me tie it together

a black rose would romantically mean tragedy and a dark dark person like a super goth. personally i take it to mean a person that is introspective but elegant, they're not too twisted up in petty affairs and shallow arguments, they tend to be a relatively deep person. also symbolizes some secrecy , maybe an interest that goes against hte norm like the occult? duno. i've got a fondnes for the black rose myself but i think in me it symbolizes my fascination with the human mind and the 'paranormal'.

i hope this helps you out a little bit

(a friend just reminded me that there is no such thing as a truly *black* rose in nature, very deep red? yes. but not black... doesn't matter though, same thought carries)
a. You prefer natural to artificial.
b. You demand a calm environment, free of conflict and disagreement
c. Black color preferences point to black sex (either you’re a masochist or a sadist in nature)
d. Police psychiatrists claim that sex offenders prefer the color black.

it means you probally like the darker side of nature
For some, it's the desire to send a "black" rose to a foe as a symbol of vengeance.
For others, it may be a matter of Gothic tendencies, while for still others, it's a quest for the ultimate in landscaping elegance. The most unusual and elegant.actually they are very eloquent...you are a unique individual, and yes there are hybrid black roses....thank you

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