Help this is Awkward my friend dated this girl 6 months ago?

and broke up after 4 months due to her age?
of being short of 18 and went bk to his exgf for 5 months and have just recently ended it.

Well heres the prob. I found myself drawn to my friends exgf (the one who was under 18 but will be in a few months) I asked her out (since my friend went bk to his gf shortly after the break up with the girl i liked and it had been almost 6 months) and we have been dating heavy for over a month now & feel there's soo much there for us. But my friend came over to my house after id been dating this girl (he didn't know) for 3 weeks and told me hes going to try to get bk with her and hes been calling her and asking her out but she always puts him off. Now i was going to tell him but was shocked to find out he had feelings for her again...but my new gf does not for him and would never go bk. But here where I need your help...we can't keep this a secrete anymore so how is the best way to handle this one? thanks

Tell him straight out. If he finds out from someone else he will be pi**ed at both of you.
He may be mad for awhile but I bet you he will get over it. Besides, he had a girlfriend--it's not like he has been pining away for yours.
Good luck to you two, sounds like a great romance.
u r telling that ur new gf has no feelings towards ur friend, who earlier dated her, so whats the problem .. tell him the same she is no more interested in him ..

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