Can any1 pls give me some advices for boosting up my morale ,feeling a bit low today?

I am a confident and very optimistic individual with high ammbitions. But lots of things are happening lately which are putting me down in my carrerr path. I would like to have some good advices to boost my morale, to again make me realise life is beautyful and this is my trial period which is going to pass. Pls advise.

Smile like a nutter. Laugh too. The chemical relationship between experiencing happiness and displaying it goes both ways.
Think about positive things: I have a job; I have a home; I have food to eat; I have good health; I can see, hear, speak, walk; I have friends. Good luck and best wishes
Imagine for a moment that you live in [pick one: Africa, middle east, korea, Myanmar, Sudan, etc.], your entire family and all of your friends have been slaughtered, you have no job and no place to go, you don't remember the last time you have eaten. Now compare your bad day to the millions of people that have the above to look forward to every day.

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