Need help struggling christian?

Alot of people close to me are falling apart ,some I think because they completely turned ther back on God ,but it hurts me alot ,I even have nightmares , I wake up sweating :same dream: drive in circles trying to escape out of a parking structer but I can't because the person with me won't help me then i am out the car and a tow truck is taking it away completly in the air and there is amn looks like he could be on THE SOPRANOS who has his arms crossed and just stares then I wake up heart pounding: I am a bornagain walk the life I pray and beg but still struggling any ideas. And should I pay attention to dreams ?

You've heard about the "peace that passes understanding"? That's what you need. JESUS saves, not you. All you can do is try to reach out, be there for them, love them. It is a natural tendency to feel responsible for them, but it is a very common misconception and a lie to believe your salvation rests on who you can or cannot "save". You need to develop a good and consistent prayer life. What does that mean? It means that , whenever and wherever you can, just talk to Jesus, like you talk to a friend- just say what's on your mind. Ask Him to give you guidance in this, and I guarantee you, He will, and you'll know it when it happens. You know, the enemy is a liar, and he wants to keep you tied up in knots, worried and afraid.
That is supposed to keep you from being effective, and keep you distracted. Call him on it. Resist, and he has to flee. I will keep you in my prayers. You're going to be alright, you'll see. You are more than you know.
Dreams are just a state of mind. However, repeated nightmares can be linked to stress/depression. I get nightmares about drowning in the middle of an ocean. I know how that feels, and I hate the feeling because it seems real while having the dream. I think my nightmares are associated with the extreme anxiety i have about my life. You should try to calm yourself and try to manage the things you are worrying about, and hopefully the nightmares will go away. I suggest that if this is becoming too much of a problem then consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. Keep praying and be strong. Hope this helps!
I think you are right on about others turning their backs to God. I understand your feelings, and those feelings show that you are a good person who cares about others. We need more people like you in the world. There is nothing much you can do about them except to live your life as an example to others in a way God will approve of. They may see, in time, that good things happen to good people and when bad things happen to good people you have the knowlege and wisdom to deal with those things in a good way. All you can do is the best you can and if God can't get though to them you surely have no chance, but you still love them and lead the way.I do not know what to make of the dreams. Good luck and God bless you!
I think that this dream is trying to reveal something to you. The parking structure might be a metaphor for your situation in life. The car and tow truck represent something.
Just remember the parable of the sower and the seed. When you received the words of the gospel with gladness there are many things that attempt to oppose you.
Read a psalm and a chapter of the Gospels every day and ask God to help you. As you are able, walk away from the works of the evil one. Non believers will oppose you.
The Lord keep and bless you.
Hi bassclef, You sound like a very young or new Christian and I feel the Lord is showing you via dreams, that you are placing unreal expectations upon yourself and others around you. You keep driving in circles trying to escape out of a parking structure but cant because the person with you wont help you..join a prayer circle and put the names of the people and their situations who worry you on a prayer chain THEN have you heard of: LET GO AND LET GOD? You are out of the car and a tow truck is taking it away 'completely in the air' and the man who looks like he could be on THE SOPRANOS has his arms crossed and just stares..Get out of the vehicle YOU are trying (unsuccessfully) to control and let the Lord who is waiting , arms crossed and staring, take control and take it away in the air..LET GO AND LET GOD and give yourself the peace that God has waiting for you....Bless
I think you should pay attention to the dreams beacuse if you pay attentiont tothe dream yu may figure it out.

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