What causes homosexuality in children?

If boys were raped by a man or girls by a woman do they feel guilty and that it can't be reversed. Is this why some of them attempt suicide and they feel estranged from morality?

This was the case in my nephew when he was 12. He then visited a psychologist and things only got worse.

Psychologists don't help you to feel better. They only convince you that you're right which is dangerous. Our pastor counsels him now!

He has a girlfriend and wants to be a pastor himself. So there is always a way out and never dead ends. God can cure any problem!
Whatever made you ask that question?!
what is your basis for that hypothesis? do you have at least any circumstantial evidence? nobody knows why homosexuals are what they are...i think the reason why some homosexuals attempt suicide is most likely because they feel oppressed or alienated by society, family or friends...not because they feel "morally estranged"...that is a more likely possibility if the person is a latent homosexual...
That could be one of the causes. Sometimes when a boy grows up without a father or father figure he may think that he is gay. I worked with someone that became gay after he had been married to a woman so they probably do feel stuck in to it. It would be like if you were addicted to drugs. It would be difficult to clean up.
That's the case with alter boys!
I would have to agree with everyone else. That is only one of many ways:)
Ok, first of all, rape of children is NOT related to homosexuality..Let's not attach this atrocity to homosexuals...they have enough to deal with already. It demeans people who have been raped as well as homosexuals.
Secondly, as the mother of a gay son I can assure you that, based on what I have gone through, someone doesn't just become gay overnight. It is there from birth. I already knew from when he was a toddler that he was gay.he struggled with it through his adolescence and now, at 20 years old, I can tell you that I have never met a more confident, self-assured individual in my life. He has the the courage of his convictions, which is rare in anyone. I, as his mother, have mixed emotions regarding his homosexuality but NOT because of what he IS but because of how society will treat him. He has chosen to live his life openly, and I am so proud of him and his courage but I worry constantly about the treatment he has to put up with. He handles it with aplomb and grace.I, however, do not. When he encounters ignorance, rudeness and outright insults, he looks them straight in the eye, and continues on.or he just ignores them. I, on the other hand, as his mother cannot, just cannot tolerate it and I choose to confront the person. My son, apparently a bit wiser than his mother, tells me, "Mom, you can't fight everyone and live your life constantly upset. It's their problem, not mine." I don't know how he does it. So, if there are young people, as you say, who attempt suicide, it is from the shame they feel from being raped or from having to live their lives, unhappily, being someone they are not, or from the horrible treatment they receive from others, even from family members and friends. Estranged from morality? I think that is a whole other topic not necessarily always tied to the violence to which they were subjected. Sorry if I rambled on a bit too much but I felt that certain things just have to be said. Thanks.
youre brother became gay in high school.what a dumbassss...oh and he wasnt before,your sure of it.righttttt
Not all homosexual acts are "naturally" formed. There are cases of molestation of children and then the children will then re-enact those same behaviors. Its not nessisaryly homosexuality, maybe just modeling, but it does happen.

I think that any behavior that isn't normal is often due to a low self-esteem or the result of being bullied. However, I think rape is also a factor, as in the cases with the priests.
there is no sexuality in children it develops in adolescence. those who are homosexual are afraid of rejection, afraid to be themselves.. society falls short in allowing them to grow and be themselves... if a child exibited signs as a child the ignorant parents would probably do more harm than good trying to "change" him or her... It's a sign of absolute rejection.
My mentor gave me this perspective and it makes the most sense to me.

First of all, we must first understand that one creates their reality. Regardless. Everyone is given the birthright of CHOICE. With that said-

Sometimes people are born with more chromosomes that the opposite sex. For example, a woman could be born with more male chromosomes and the same for the male. When this happens, the two can still be with the opposite sex by recognizing this defect. This way they can still CREATE!

We all know that two people of the same sex cannot create. Life must go on. Everyone cannot turn to being with the same sex. Evolution would stop completely as we know it.

If there was a guy who was a girl on the inside he could find a girl that feels like she is a guy on the inside. If there was a girl who was a guy on the inside would find a man that's a woman on the inside. When some people say they were born that way, then this is the best reasoning/theory I've been able to view and it makes sense.

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