Is this normal?

My son fell into a fire and had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face.Thank GOD he has recovered.But when this happened I gave myself a 3rd degree burn on my hand to see what he was feeling and how long it would take to heal?

thats quite interesting actually...i have heard of self-harm due to depression but not because of pure empathy...i dont think its normal behaviour though because i think that part of the reason you did it was perhaps because you felt blame for what had happened to your son...what did you explain to your son when he saw your hand?
No, it's not normal. It's normal to care, be concerned and empathize. When you physically harm yourself to do so, there is a problem.
That is a horrible thing to do to yourself.
It's not the healthiest way to deal with anxiety. But, it doesn't mean you have a mental illness either. Extreme anxiety can cause normal healthy people to do strange things. If you think you have had a history of similar behavior then maybe seek treatment.
If your burn got infected you would be less able to care for your son. Guess you didn't think of that.
no this isn't normal...and it seems like it would be very scary for your son as well...being able to sit there and burn your hand to the 3rd degree takes quite a lot...i have had a burn like that on my hand (not on purpose) and i think for you to want that and then follow through is an issue you need to deal with in counseling...and i am not one to say go to counseling it will make you all better...i just think there are some safety issues here and you really do need the help...
Happy to hear your son is okay, but why on earth would you want to harm yourself? While I am no psychologist, I would venture to say this is very abnormal behavior. Off the top, it sounds like you felt guilty about his accident. Perhaps was this in any way a result of your neglect? Even if it wasn't, you might be blaming yourself for his fall. How old is your son? Does he know you turned around and burned yourself to better understand his pain? Only to stress a point, and certainly not to condemn you look at this rationally. If he had ran out in front of a car and was killed, would you do the same to see how death feels? It is a very radical response to a simple accident, and as his parent, I would perhaps seek some therapy just to gain some understanding as to why you responded in this manner.

I really am glad he's okay. That sounds frightful.
it's not normal to burn yourself... but it is normal to be a little stupid when wanting to help your kid under stressful situations... he's in pain, thank goodness he'll be fine and if you keep your burn clean so will you.

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