How do we know if we're all seeing the same thing?

How do we know if we're all seeing the same thing?
For example: If I look at something, point at it, and say it is orange, then how do I know that you're not actually seeing green, but since we both call it orange, we both perceive it as orange? You could really be seeing the green that I think is green, but you could be calling it orange.

p.s. I know I've already posted this question, but I accidentally categorized it in Geography.

I believe if 2 people can point at the sky and say that is blue, then whatever our definition of blue is- 2 people confirm that it is not green or purple (as we interpret those color meanings). So we have absolutely no way to prove that person 1 sees a lighter blue that person 2 or that person 2 sees a little more aqua blue, but in the end the general color is expressed in how we relate our own meanings to that object.
we dont all see the same thing they have done studies to show that ppl percieve things differently like when they witness the same crime two ppl will give totally different accounts of the same instance
Since I'm red/green color blind, I know I don't see colors the same as other people.
Many people see things different than what we see.
I understand what you meant, But some people are color blind and wouldn't see the same colors.

My best friend and I seem to always see things differently.
I may hear about something on TV and so does she and see has a complete different opinion than I do about it.
It is because we was raised different. She has experience different things than I and vice versa.

Now if you mean... If I look out in the ocean and I see clear blue water, then yes someone else may also see clear blue water. But the feeling about it may hold something different to them than it does to me.
Today being St. Patricks day. I seen so many people wearing green. So we must be seeing the same thing.
the last i knew it was called crippy, and yeah, it was green.
I've wondered about this a lot. I guess we'll never know since we can't see through other people's eyes. Wouldn't you just love to go inside someone's head for a little while just to see if they think, see, and feel the same way you do? That would be cool. Good question.
We see variations on a theme; not entirely different colors, unless there is something wrong, or perhaps very right (tetrachromics ) As many things, this is a normally distributed trait. Think of a bell curve of distribution. If we were both looking at orange and I said red, that would be valid. If 20 people were looking and most said red, orange, pink and other near shades, then you came along saying green, we would all know something was up with you. ( color blind, delusional?) Dr. Phil is wrong. there is perception, but it is a skewed view on reality; not a different thing entirely.

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