If you were psychic how would you handle the guilt?

If you were psychic and knew something bad was going to happen, but didn't know when, and it occured, how would you deal with the guilt of not being able to do anything about it? Or lying to the person because you aren't completely sure about the bad event? I never get dates and times with psychic feelings. Does foretelling an event cause it to happen?

If I indeed, couldn't do anything about what was going to happen then I wouldn't be guilty. It isn't a gift so as to cause you stress and grief. Oh, and don't lie to people, if you don't know then tell them that, at least they will have a heads up on the fact that smething is about to occur. Maybe they know the rest and what you tell them is the last piece of their jigsaw. That would explain why you don't have all the dates and times. You AINT supposed to!
I knew you were going to answer this question.
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