Moral Breakdown is screwing up Society.....?

The other day I overheard a mum on the bus to her friend that she gonna buy her daughter some g-strings & thongs coz she been asking her she wants some, this woman looked about 25ish so obviously the daugher must be kinda young, the way how the mum was dressed she looked like a battlered slapper..

I usually have my mp3 player on but the fkn battery died, so had to endure this crap throughout this depressing journey.

I'm so glad I communicate with my 9 year old son about self-respect coz i wouldn't want him bringin home a demorilised girl.

I think it really depressed me further knowing who knows what gonna happen in the future, hopefully he will understand just have hope & knowing you teaching them with dignity & self-respect....

I'm curious about how you apply the use of an mp3 player to the moral breakdown of society. I can see no connection. What is an example of a "demoralized" girl? How about if your daughter brought home a "demoralized" boy. Is that acceptable? AND, you speak of dignity and self respect. Yet you use the word fkn. That is a wonderful example of the environment you are creating so your child can develop with dignity and self respect. It is my opinion that you have a double standard, or even a triple standard, where you exempt yourself from the possibility that it is you that is the source of the example of the moral breakdown of society.
What's wrong with g-strings and thongs?
Beyond any hope of repair.
Well there's much worse things that that girl could be doing than wearing a thong. It is probably a bit inappropriate to buy a 10 year old a thong but the girl could be older than that for all we know
It's not a moral breakdown.

It's a breakdown of economic justice. When people are poor, they lack the education to make good decisions, and the resources necessary to even be able to make wise ones. Why do poverty, lack of education, and poor life choices almost ALWAYS run hand-in-hand?

It's a breakdown of education. Public education doesn't cut it.

It's a breakdown of family. Society doesn't reward people who marry and have children at a young age anymore. You need to spend more time getting an education if you want to make it in this world. Families are not healthy nowadays.

Morality follows the ability to experience life in a healthy way and in a healthy environment. If you don't have good life experiences, positive role models and a healthy environment, morality is not even a relevant talking point.

Saying oppressed people in American society should have better morals is like saying a neglected and abused dog shouldn't bite. Convenient "should" statements never speak to the core of the problems in this world.
try church
Personally I dont think its that bad to buy your child a thong. In today's society kids are gonna be exposed to that stuff no matter how much the parent tries to shield them from it. So why not be open with your child so they dont do it behind your back which is more dangerous because they are not confiding in you on issues in their life. Wearing a thong does not mean you're a demoralized girl.
Well... I don't nessesarily see where you need an answer per say, But I will voice my opinion as well.. Moral Breakdown has DEFINATLY screwed up society, and we as parents who do live by the unspoken and unwritten laws and rules rooted in morality must bring our own children up in the manner in which Honors that righteousness,not self-righteousness mind you, but RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!
Moral breakdown is epitomised by people who, swear openly, behave disrespectfully towards fellow beings and talk over others in a social setting that should otherwise be kept private. Education use to provide a balance with these things. But now this Government has tried to broaden the needy and disadvantaged spectrum so more people feel obliged to accept there ill found ways. As you say, this has created a vacuum that more people fill daily, who, have far less to offer society when it comes to morals. If it continues, every bus trip or journey will be ravaged by ignorant savages, who care little for there own, or children's future - regardless of an MP3 player to hide the bedlam!!!.
My almost 4-year old daughter wants a Barbie. She's been asking for ages and i just ain't having it. Got to the point where i just told her Barbie was a bad rolemodel and for that reason she can't have one. She eventually asked what a role model was. I told her that the day she could tell me what a role model was, is the day i will buy her a Barbie!
In the meantime she has a Barbie mermaid. It's got a fixed fin, no legs and took 3 weeks to find one that didn't cost me more than a fiver.
I don't think the way you dress has necessarily anything to do with morals. I knopw of some very well dressed and well-educated people that have hardly communicate with their almost 4-year old son. Luckily for them they can afford to keep him from mainstream influences. He is blisfully innocent and learns from other 'protected' children.
I believe it is a lot harder with girls than with boys too. Peer pressure kicks in before they can kick a ball as it were. I remember when my daughter was at a mainstream nursery (i've taken her out now) she ended up wanting to be like the blue-eyed blond girls dressed in pink. Despite there being girls there that didn't fit this picture but they had brown hair and just don't fit the Disney Princess picture my daughter seemed to identify with.
For now i have told her beautiful and pretty are two different things. And i make sure i give her the right compliment in the right context. She dressed herself yesterday and she looked fit for her first trip to Glastonbury. As for the g-strings. Won't really be able to stop her if that what she wants to buy with money that she has earned herself.
By the way, ... I hope your mp3 player comes with decent headphones. It's a sense of morals that doesn't allow one to turn a bus journey into tin sound hell for the person sitting next to you in my opinion.

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