When you just lose it?

Everyone has a basic ability to keep their 'cool'. Some can put up with stuff more, and some people have bad tempers or get defensive very easily...

What makes you lose your cool? What is the ONE thing that you will NOT put up with from ANYONE?

Also... What do you do when the line has been crossed?

your grounded.
I'm not working for you.
here's a quarter,go find some one with some change and call someone who cares.
i want a divorce.
I'll shop some where else.
i forgive you.
stomp your @ss latter
Bigotry and hypocrisy. If somebody starts saying racial slurs against another group, I'll walk away or tell that person to shut up. Same with hypocrites - if they point out other peoples faults e.g. careless driving (which we're ALL guilty of at some point), and they can't or refuse to see the irony in their finger-pointing, then I'll do the same thing.
I have a short fuse..if someone insults me or my family thats it, i loose it. I tell em off or i can get physical, but id rather not unless i have to.
People who are prejudice. I just can't tolerate that kind of ignorance and I have and will speak up! Now that I've found myself handicap another thing that really ticks me off are people who use bathroom stalls designated for the handicap, the rails on the walls are not for decoration! That goes for those who try to get away with parking in handicap parking as well! Oh you did say ONE thing right? Well I'll have to go with my first answer.

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