Admit it: You're scared of the dark aren't you?

I am still scared of the dark. I'm a fully grown adult, and I still get nervous going through the hallway to the bathroom at night.

Answer: just scared when I go to the basement and theres no1 there and its rly dark(no lights+trying to find something I cant see)...the bathroom aint nothin.
Only sometimes but for the most part no...I'm not afraid anymore. I used to be afraid before I got a cat. He protects me from the dark now lol.
Actually, no, I Iove it. It's soft and velvety, easy on the eyes and mind. I feel that it's my friend.
Yeah, especially if we just watched a horror movie, and then of course whatever was scary in the movie has quite naturally moved out of the TV and into my house, but only in the dark places. It's the perfect time for my husband to hide somewhere and scare me! Perfect for him that is. The power of the mind is amazing.
nah i gotta nightlight. i'm scred of crazies with chain saws.but i guess i'm just weird...huh?
well im 11 of course i am i see shadows and shapes that look creepy and sometimes i see things in the dark like demons until me and my mom prayed over my room =D
It isn't the dark that's scary. It's what could be hiding in it that plagues the mind. I'm not afraid of the dark but being outside at night with the way things are now takes a brave soul indeed. People are more dangerous than anything else.
We are light creatures and don't have night vision. It is not seeing what bothers us because we rely 95% on that sense to survive.
nope except im watching horror movies in the dark
The only thing I'm scared of in the dark is "stubbing"my toe. If you have a prob...get some night lights.
the dark itself isn't what scares me.
its waht the dark can hide.
i really do get terrified. i have to keep the computer in my room on or some sort of small light on. even if its just a cell phone. also im a diagnosed insomniac which doesnt help much. its a phobia of mine along with some other things
it really is perfectly normal though
its enough to make the strongest of people scared sometimes.
When I was younger I had that basic fear of what's going on in the dark of my room? Are my toys coming alive? Are my dolls looking at me, is there a shadow in the corner? Did I hear a noise and did I see something move? The night and darkness covers too much of our perception and that is what's frightening-the unknown, what we can't see we can't explain away. Then I grew up and learned to see in the dark fairly well, my husband says I have eyes like a cat so I have no problem with it unless its pitch black!
I am most definately not afraid of the dark. In fact I go to great measure to insure complete darkness when I sleep, but from experience I do fear the pain of stubbing my toe or bumping my shin on something that I can't see in the dark. So truth be told I guess that i do fear the dark. HHHMMMM..

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