Am i dead inside?

i cant cry anymore i think of the sadest thing possible but dont feel a thing i see people die or get hit by a car infront of me and i dont feel any sorow what s wrong with me

You may be emotionally drained.I've been there several times before. I don't think you are dead inside because if you were you wouldn't care enough to ask the question. Life is very hard alot of the time , I know, but you have to look at it as a learning experience. I've gone through fazes where i didn't think there was any real purpose to life or that I was put here to suffer, but I was always shown that was not the case in one way or another. Keep in contact with people you love and care about and who feel the same way about you. Try not to focus on the negative in life. Think about the things that bring you joy and the things that make you laugh. Like I said B4,life can be tough but it can also be enjoyable and be happy for everyday you wake up because life on earth is not forever for any of us. Peace and love!
I don't know what you've been through, but it sounds to me like you could be suffering from depression or post-traumatic stress...both of which can numb your feelings and make you feel like you have none. You should probably try talking to someone who is a professional that specializes in these conditions. You can get help. And you will be able to "feel" again. Good luck to you!
You push your emotions down so deep it is difficult to feel real emotional pain. Try talking to some type of therapist who can help you figure out what it is that keeps you from feeling deeply. I think without too much time you could figure out what it is that is inhibiting your emotions.
dont know. thats pretty scary though, maybe your a sociopath
honestly im exactly like that well i used to be i thought of wen i had emotions as a kid wen i was happy and concentrated on that constantly for like a month and i started to change. my pop died just after xmas and if it wasn't for my mum crying around me i woudnt have even whimpered
You may not feel sad if you are not personally involved in the tragedy. This may be a way that you are protecting yourself from hurt and pain. You"shut down" your emotions in order to protect yourself, and you may not even be doing it consciously.
Mohammad, dude, that's f@$# up.
Do you feel anything?
Do you enjoy watching misery?
If you are not on anti-psychotics which seems to have this annoying side effect then maybe just maybe you are suffering from PTSS (post traumatic stress syndrome). Many soldiers in active combat experience this. However, police officers, emergency room techs, doctors, or any one who witnesses horrific acts on almost a daily basis seem to suffer from PTSS. Fortunately this is treatable. I advise that you seek the help of a clinical therapist. Try to avoid taking SSRI's and MOAIs. Stay away from Prozac and other popular anti-depressants.

You'll be surprised how just TALKING to a therapist can help you. However, some mood stabilizers have shown some promise like Trileptal. Also naturalist think St. John's Wort herb is good. Its kind of weak and takes several weeks to kick in. However, its generally safe.

STAY AWAY FROM ILLEGAL NARCOTICS! Self-medication is just the most stupidest thing you can do Mohammed!
you sound emotionally exhausted to me - but i don't think that is a real diagnosis.

Imagine the equivalent of burned out at work - but apply it to your life. i don't think you are dead inside, but i do think you need real therapy, the sooner the better.

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