My friend is tired of being naked and restrained. What should I do?

Her husband is great. She loves him to death, but made an agreement with him long ago. She told her husband that when she gets angry, he can punish her. He would never physically hurt her... so instead when she yells at him, he picks her up, strips her naked and ties her hands up over her head and her legs to the bed while she is sobbing and crying and screaming COMPLETELY EXPOSED. He also opens the shades/windows and turns on the lights and calls her "****." She almost convulses she gets so mad and has a hard time breathing. He doesn't let her get up and dressed until she has calmed down. He says bondage and nudity will cause her to submit! Well he did it the other day while I was over and I wanted to help but she kept telling me not to... so I had to watch her endure this. She was so humiliated and hasn't called me since. What should I do about her, but more importantly about her situation. She is such a weak person!

The only question is: does she agree or is she being abused? In other words: does she stay in the relationship because somehow she likes it or because the man has a hold on her (salary, kids, whatever).

Does she wants to talk to you about what happened when you were present? If so, explain to her, that while them having a BDSM type of relationship is none of your business, you do want to help her, if she's being abused.

IMO she IS being abused. The husband tying her up with you present, makes me think that.
I would do nothing. All though she may say that she is tired of it she is obviously not. She could walk out the door and go to the police anytime he is not there. She could call 911 in times that he is there but before he ties her up.
She could go to any number of women's help groups found in the blue pages of the phone book as well.

Believe it or not there are people who do enjoy being totally humiliated.
She is most likely waiting for you to call her. They may have actually done this to see if you would be ok with the things that they do...

So call her...
Make sure she knows that if she calls you, you will take her to a battered women's shelter or to a divorce lawyer. Other than that, stay out of it because she will turn on you.

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