Would you rather be naked or in clothes?

if i was with u id wanna be naked
depends on where i'm at and what i'm doing!
But at this moment i would love to be naked in my bed!
naked at home in clothes out in public
what would you rather be?

If it's warm, naked.
Depends on where I am! In public, def. clothed but when I'm home, it all comes off!! I've shocked the crap outta my nosy neighbor before!!
naked all the time
if i was with a ugly perosn i would wnat clothes on but if i was with the luv of my life toatally naked baby!
Naked - more Comfy.
Naked not to sound all religious or anything but thats the way it was intended look at adam and eve...it wasnt until the snake told them it was "bad" that it became a problem...not only that its so much more coomfortable
I'd rather be wearing combat boots no pants a mink stole and my girlfriends panties on my head
I vote nakies!
depends where i am at and who i am around
In clothes.When you're naked you tend to get scratched more due to walking past items in your home and you stick to chairs more.
I would rather be naked because it makes me feel free. The only reason I wear clothing is because of social standards and laws.

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