A SILLY question?

What makes a question a silly question?when surely the person that is asking the question is asking because they want an answer which would make it not a silly question to them! is the person silly for not knowing the question or is the person with the opinion that it is a silly question being a bit out of order?does a silly question realy exist,if thats the case?

The question may be perceived by the other person as perfectly normal and not silly. Each of us interprets a question differently according to our own experiences..
what is silly to one may not be silly to another person...thank you
a silly quesiton to me is when someone askes u somthing when hey know the answer allready
Just having a little fun, silly.
A silly or dumb question, as some say, is the question not asked. Even though you think it may be silly, others may be thinking the same thing but don't ask for fear of being ridiculed. This is not a silly question and it deserves an answer. Hope I helped
There are no silly questions. It is sometimes a problem for by-standers but they are out of order.
Silly questions come down to the ego of the person saying it's a silly question. They say that because to them, the answer is obvious and how dare you ask something that everyone should know! Now, it also depends on the question. Something that may be obvious to one person is not so much to someone else, so that makes the question decidedly un-silly. "Is the sky blue?" That's a silly question, unless you're color blind. Basically, if you are too lazy to realize that the answer is right in front of you, then it is a silly question.
One mans' garbage is another mans' feast.Nothing is silly if it is sincere.Lots of little ones out there ungoing their first experiences,they deserve to be treated with respect.

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