Logical thinking re jobs.?

If you were one of five people who went for a job transfer, and four people were told today and you heard nothing would you assume you were unsucessful?

we all get paraniod waiting to here about job stuff
good luck
Depends, what were the other people told? Surely you can deduct from what they were told whether you've been successful or not? Good luck!
I would wonder, but there could be other reasons. Just try to be patient, if it doesn't work out it just wasn't meant to be.
I hate to say this but they do usually tell the successful ones first. That way, if they do get refused, they have back up choices. You never know though, just keep your fingers crossed. They might just have run out of time / overlooked you.
Nope. Think about your managers - do you REALLY think they are capable of planning ahead? It is more likely that they grabbed people as they saw them/remembered their names and then didn't stop to consider how you might feel being left hanging.

People generally aren't actually organised enough to arrange a p155 up in a brewery - never mind consdier other peoples' feelings!

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