A question on hypnotism?

Assume that John Doe is being hypnotized. After the hypnosis is over, the hypnotist would say,"When I count one, two, three, you'll wake up." John Doe is asleep. All of a sudden, something happens and the hypnotist dies of a heart attack. Will John Doe ever wake up? Has this ever happened? Serious answers only, please.

If he is in fact asleep he will awaken when there is a reason for him to awaken. If in trance he will awaken as soon as any stimulus causes him to awaken. We use the words sleep and awaken to replace trance and return to waking consciousness. with no stimuli's the person will be wide awake in 3-5 minutes.
You can not be stuck in hypnosis!
wow - that's deep. I have no idea but never really thought about it either. i hope a hypnotherapist answers for you.
btw - i think the term they use is hypnosis so maybe if you re-word you will get the professionals to answer.good luck in your search!
That's an interesting question. I would expect the link to be broken by the heart attack, or for the trance to wear off gradually like waking up from sleep. I don't know about deep trances - the ones where surgical operations have been done. I think I'll google that one.
I would think that unless the hypnotist gave specific instructions to only listen to "their" voice specifically that another hypnotist could bring them out of it.
I don't think that that scenario is possible.

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