Do You sometimes think You may have some psychic abilities?

..Never. I think "psychic ability" is a concept used by people who want to explain strange experience, but they aren't informed by scientific understanding.

But I do have intuitive abilities. So do you. This is the ability to understand the world around you in a nonlogical way. Intuition is when you associate a variety of images and draw conclusions without reasoning through them.

For example, you're cooking dinner and you decide to add two small pinches of oregano. How did you know this would work, that this would be the right amount? You "just knew" based on prior experience. You didn't have to reason it out.

Another example, you have a gut feeling that a certain stranger is dangerous. So you cross to the other side of the street. Where did the feeling come from? How did you know he was dangerous? You just knew.

Intuition isn't magical. It's often in error. So when the stakes are high, it's a good idea to check out your intuition (I should invest $10,000 in Apple today) with logical analysis.

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