What kind of people turn your stomach?

Seriously, there's a woman on YA who is so full of herself (Hitler would have surely made her his wife!) and she thinks only the rich and elite are entitled to anything...basically the rest don't belong in HER social class or environment.

People like that make me puke.

Well I went to a store this weekend my daughter was very curious because it was a store that carried, Versace, Fendi, well in short all very high end fashion designers. These were the real designer wear, which I have never seen, all the hangers had "made in Italy".
The sales lady did not look at us did not even try to help us..people that think that they just because they can afford a label to make their self worth and that they are above people makes my stomach turn!
grimey people
Hate to sound mean but most people turn my stomach.
Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, Yuck!!
attention and glory seekers, like drama filled cops and firemen.
well, thats disturbing and sad to hear.
racist, ignorant people!!
mean people!!
stubborn people!!
child abusers!!
hypocrits... it's just disgusting how they critisize people and then do the same thing they critisize...
People who eat with their mouths open.
pedophiles make me sick
i hate people who are full of themselves too, they get on my nerves and are annoying. I'm not rich OR elite and I have loads of stuff and can do a lot. My Mum is always wanting me to go into town on my own or with my friends. We can socialize with whoever we want. In a way she's kinda racist.

Same people like that make me wanna puke
People who...

1) Talk on their cell phone, in a restaurant, supermarket, or slow down in the left lane in their car while talking on their cell.

2) ...Don't send thank you notes for gifts being given them.

3) ...Chew with their mouth open.

4) ...Smack their teeth.

5) ...are intentionally rude or mean.

6) ...are racists.

7) ...are insincere with other people.

8) ...are asked an honest, decent question, but respond with, "F*** you!" immediately.

9) ...drive like maniacs.

Hmmmmm, how many of these can you add to the list? d:)
I think most people are rotten.
Cruel people who have no empathy for others are the ones I have trouble with.
#1people who post racist comments on here.#2 people who abuse animals,or other people.
People who are cruel to animals and children. They make me sick. Closely followed by people who are violent to women. Actually, just people who resort to any kind of violence for whatever reason.
.People who boast.

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